Picasso and Comics

This is an article that ran in the Guardian on April 13, 2002 that I found stimulating reading.


The writer cites Gertrude Stein’s description of Picasso, in The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, as being influenced by the Katzenjammer Kids. The Katzenjammer Kids were an American comic strip created by Rudolph Dirks and Harold H. Knerr. The Katzenjammer Kids were derived from Wilhelm Busch’s Max and Moritz, a children’s story. Busch drew satirical caricatures and George Grosz cited him as a great influence on his own work. Without the popularity and example of Busch’s work from the mid-19th century, it’s unlikely that Grosz’s work in Weimar Germany would have been seen and appreciated in the way it was. Busch, along with Rodolphe Topffer were pioneers in developing the language of the modern comic strip. Busch has been given the titled in Germany “Grandfather of Comics.”

Busch’s Max and Moritz:

The Katzenjammer Kids:

Rodolphe Topffer:












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