Nurit David

Just ran across this artist who I have never seen before and know nothing about but will try to look into because I feel so strongly drawn to the painting. As always when viewing images digitally I feel the frustration of never having seen any of this artist’s paintings in person and it’s quite hard to judge what the paint quality is. What I’m drawn to primarily are the disjointed space and the amount of narrative incident. The figures laid out flat in the lower middle left clearly to refer to Bruegel’s Land of Cockaigne, as well as the harvester to the Brueghel the Met owns( can’t remember the title) and the skeletons vaguely to the Triumph of Death.

Brueghel’s Land of Cockaigne

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3 Responses to Nurit David

  1. jenifleur says:

    Hello trueoutsider! I see you have discovered the work of Nurit David, the Israeli painter! She has a new site at She is a wonderful painter and person as well! Very happy to see that her work speaks to outsiders of all kinds! All the best to you, Jenifer Bar Lev (Jenifleur)

  2. trueoutsider says:

    Hello Jenifleur! Seeing her work, I feel like Nurit is an old friend. We must put up some more work immediately! This one reminds me of an outsider artist whose name escapes me (but I’m going to try to recall it). There’s a painting by this artist on the cover of a small book I have of art in the Prinzhorn collection. It’s a landscape that turns into the profile of a face. I also make a Dali connection in this painting… and so back to Arcimboldo. Why not? Outsiders all.

    Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Summer

    Salvador Dali, Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish

    Of course, Nurit’s work is delightfully her own. I just like to make the connections between artists who can seem so disconnected in their outsider worlds. And for me, my favorite artists are invariably outsiders. No doubt Arcimboldo was an outsider. And certainly Dali. Even the Surrealists kicked him out. On the Leonora Carrington video I was just watching she talks about Dali showing up and that she had a soft spot for him even thought he was persona non grata.

    Here’s Nurit’s site to see more work:

    Also a link to Leonora Carrington — way outsider. There’s a link to the video I’m desribing down at the bottom.

  3. trueoutsider says:

    Ah, here’s the Prinzhorn artist, who I’ve eventually recollected, and whose painting stuck in my mind. August Natterer, Witch’s Head:

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