Benton / Garabedian / Zanes

Mythic women

Thomas Hart Benton, Persephone, 1939

Charles Garabedian, Mythological Figure, 2005, Acrylic on paper, 60 x 78 in.

Julia Zanes, Scheherazade, 2007

Non-Mythological women. Two paintings of women without mythological identification that are unique in the Renaissance are these by Raphael and Tintoretto:

Tintoretto, Portrait of Woman Revealing her Breasts, c. 1570, Prado Museum


Raphael, La Fornarina, c. 1518-1519 (found in Raphael’s studio at the time of his death)

Picasso, well-known painter of mythological women, made a series of etchings fantasizing the panting session between Raphael and La Fornarina as part of his 347 series of etchings. He completed the series at age 87 during a six month period. Twenty five of the etchings depict various imaginative scenes transpiring between Raphael and La Fornarina.


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