Milton Resnick/Pat Pasloff

As cosmic coincidence would have it, after my last post on Milton this morning, I saw this article on the front page of today’s Times just now.

I don’t know where the writers comes up with “the irascible ‘painter’s painter'”. Resnick, while highly opinionated never struck me as anything remotely like irascible. He was invariably provocative and invariably generous!

Here’s a poem by Milton:

All I did was say hello
so weary to have to spoon
for love and food
the kind of mockery museums sleep in
or that arrogance belonging to the rhinoceros
that’s the best thing
a sultry participation

If you despair looking out
in the surrounding sunlight
and dream the melancholy of this wet
a moth in her curvature
determined to climb it and settle there
to you my sympathy
Oh yes you have entered my mind
and there floated to my fluttering heart.

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