Georges Roualt / Tony Phillips

Georges Roualt

Georges Roualt

I was looking at Tony Phillips’ work tonight  and a couple of his drawings brought to mind Roualt’s lithographs. Tony was teaching at the Chicago Art Institute when I was there in the early 80s and while I never studied with him, there’s always been something about his work that I find inspiring and inscrutable (which for me are somewhat the same thing).

Here are some more I like, particularly the one at the very bottom.

I’d been thinking of his work because I’d just been working on a couple paintings that I began 8 or 9 years ago… and am still in process with and I thought… these things are very Tony Phillips-like for some reason.

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One Response to Georges Roualt / Tony Phillips

  1. So compelling, funny and strange. Thanks for sharing!

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