Vive la France!

I was forwarded these Téléchat shorts from my good friend, Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe. They’re in French, and thus no doubt Communist propaganda intended to sap the will of Americans, so be sure to turn off the sound!….except for the music when the credits are playing, which is pretty cool. These were done by Roland Topor and Henri Xhonneux. Topor was an all-around genius. Beside his fantastic artwork, he also wrote the novel The Tenant that was made into a movie by Roman Polanski. He played Renfield in Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu. He also created the Panic Movement, along with Alejandro Jodorowsky and Fernando Arrabal.

Which reminds me, Jodorowsky was also a comic book artist as well as filmmaker…. The Fâbulas pânicas, which came out as weekly comics in the late 60s, looked like this:

More here:

Everything I could not do in movies, I make in comics and writing. I do comics because I think it’s an art form as big as movies or painting or poetry. The graphic novel is a fantastic thing to me. For four or five years every Sunday I drew a comics page, a complete story.

— Alejandro Jodorowsky


Topor is here:

And now… for those still with me:

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