Feeling completely irritated by Jonathan Jones’ nonsensical brown-nosing of the Royal Academy and Tracey Emin, I was compelled to voice my opinion on his blog. Emin’s appointment as instructor at the Royal Academy proclaims nothing except the fact that the Academy is hopelessly corrupt. Her presence there is due to her fame and notoriety because she clearly can’t draw a lick. If she wants to teach running around London with your bottom hanging out or primitive graffiti scrawling fine… by which I mean something she actually knows something about. But drawing? Give us a break.

My response to the Jonathan Jones post is at the bottom of the first page but I’ll put it here as well:

“Drawing is all about feeling and creativity not boring technical ability.
Her work is moving and honest. I love her small drawings.
Most people who don’t like her work are bitter; as so many people in the art world are.”

Spare us the amateur psychology. This critic should be writing for Oprah or People magazine.

“Drawing is all about feeling and creativity” are the words of somebody teaching kindergarten. Boring technical ability. Like Turner, Rembrandt, Pisanello, Leonardo, Grosz. The greatest art made by human beings is the result of technical ability. Go back to the cave paintings through Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, wherever you want. That’s technical ability producing sublime art.

Emin is absolutely devoid of technical ability. And technical ability is what conveys emotion. Take a look at Gorky or de Kooning would some of you blockheads.

You need to have technical ability sufficient to express a unique vision. Emin’s vision is about as singular as what you see plastered all over the local shopping mall. This review is pure tripe.

Bitter my ass. Bored. Used tampaxes aren’t interesting except to critics of JJ’s stripe. Pathetic.

Why doesn’t Jones actually take a look at the drawing. Are those two birds? Does the farthest one on the left have his head stuck up the other birds ass? That’s as feeble a drawing as I’ve ever seen by someone professing to be an artist. Lazy crap. Feeling? Feeling nothing.

I think the drawing is a metaphor. That’s JJ with his head up Tracey Emin’s ass. Birds of a feather. Excuse the vulgarity, but that’s what we’re dealing with anymore isn’t it? Tampaxes and slutty behavior…. and anybody objecting to it is a reactionary. Spare us. Emin is a self-professed Tory. This is commercial dreck pure and simple. Putting it in museums doesn’t change it. Sorry, Marcel.

OOOOOO OOOOOO but Jonathan Jones is feeling it…. OOOOOOOOOOO Just like Tracey feels it….

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