Damien Hirst and Kenny Rogers

So Damien Hirst will be having 11 shows simultaneously at Gagosian galleries world wide. And these aren’t just your usual spot paintings. Hirst went through enormous breakthroughs in the course of developing what was a brilliant idea to begin with. As Carol Vogel writes in today’s NY Times:

Another assistant could be credited with sending the artist back to spots. “He showed me that he could paint really small things,” Mr. Hirst said, “and I said, ‘Wow!’ It was like a whole new beginning.” And the spots began again, this time getting smaller and smaller.

Wow! is right!! I didn’t finish reading the rest but no doubt there was another Eureka! moment when Hirst discovered you could make them bigger and bigger.

I love this guy… Who can resist this kind of gambler? You gotta know when to hold em… know when to fold em.

Now here’s Hirst, a guy without a single interesting artistic achievement or rudimentary artistic ability of any consequence besides selling sideshow carny type schlock for astronomical sums. He can’t paint, draw, think clearly (if the quotes attributed to him are accurate). He farms all his ideas out … paint some spots, pin those butterflies up (Dubuffet did this decades ago not that the fine art world has any idea of it), duplicate a pharmacy, put various species into formaldehyde filled vitrines, etc.

But while he knows fuck all about art he  understands everything about entertainment, which is of course this century’s version of art.  And what’s more entertaining than a casino, at least to those of limited mental capacity. So Hirst is rolling the dice again. Bravo!

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