First an image… this is how you get their attention.. Worked for Gerhard Richter only he smeared it up a lot. I’ll get my photoshop guy to attend to that later:

TRUE OUTSIDER ATTACKS BANKSY AND NOBODY IS STOPPING HIM!!!!. It’s another crazy put on! Who cares, right? Not me. Got to do something to pass the time while I’m waiting for my wife to get back from NYC. I haven’t been back to NYC except for a single visit since leaving on 9-13 to be precise…. The house closing was scheduled for 9-13-01. Usually I don’t remember dates. What year is this again?

Well here’s the Banksy review (link at bottom) by the lovely Helen Carter who has been so kind as to completely ignore everything I write and leave it intact. If she’s wise she won’t even read it. Complete gibberish… Artist talk. Crazy babblings. Next thing you know he’ll be cutting off his ear! Now there’s a career move. Anybody remember Rudolf Schwarzkogler?.. Please I beg you… don’t go there….Stick with Banksy. That fun loving kid.

Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we put all the street art in the museums and all the Museum Art out on the street. Memo to Banksy and company: I’ve always wanted to have the Getty loan me that early Rembrandt they have and to put it up in our local potboiler Neo-Academic gallery with a $2,000 dollar price tag and see how long it takes to sell. Americans and no doubt everyone else at this point decide what’s good and bad art according to it’s price tag. Anything worth $2,000 probably isn’t really that great…. and it’s just kind of dark and smudgy, not gonna enliven the living space very well.

Now I don’t have that kind of clout… but I think Banksy might be able to get a loan or something along those lines… Of course it has to be the original to make the gag really work. Anyway, Banksy, give me an email and we’ll try to work this caper out somehow.

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