What Heaven Looks Like

A good painter friend of mine just alerted me to this piece by James Elkins. Elkins is a marvelous writer on painting. Every painter should have a copy of his What Painting Is… Essential reading… Even blurbed by Frank Auerbach.


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2 Responses to What Heaven Looks Like

  1. Margaret Krug says:

    I love Elkins’ “What Painting Is” and his “The Object Stares Back” is excellent.

  2. trueoutsider says:

    Thanks, Margaret. I’m going to have to get “The Object Stares Back.” I like that title. Of course it also has a haunting Nietzschean resonance …:”When you stare in the abyss, the abyss stares back at you.”

    I did this one artists book called “Sailing into Oblivion.” For a while I was thinking “Sailing into the Abyss.” It has a nice ring to it as well, but I thought I’d save it for another book.

    Now after all that gloom I still wish you and John the most Happy Holidays!

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