Sassetta, Death of the Heretic on the Bonfire, 1423

Sassetta, St. Anthony the Hermit Beaten by Devils, 1423

Sassetta, Blessed Ranieri Saving the Poor from Prison, 1439-40

Sassetta, The Journey of the Magi, 1433-35

Sassetta, Martín de Soria Altarpiece of Saint Peter, c. 1480

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3 Responses to Sassetta

  1. mk says:

    Thanks for sharing this with all who attend to your blog trueoutsider!!!

  2. edhg says:

    I think you missed one…but it’s probably the only one!! :–}

    There are two or three panels on the Boston MFA’s large polyptych of St. Peter, now on longterm loan to another museum, with paintings of the St. Anthony temptation scenes. ( I think it’s the far two full-width panels on the right, if I recall correctly.

  3. trueoutsider says:

    Hi edhg! Thanks for the catch. I’m on the run at the moment but I’ll do my best to look up the MFA St. Peter and post it up above. I greatly appreciate the interest in Sassetta! All the best.

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