Paul Fenniak

I know next to nothing about Paul Fenniak but have long admired his work. What draws me to the paintings are his preference for twilight, the narrative language he employs and the varied and sophisticated compositional approaches.

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3 Responses to Paul Fenniak

  1. mk says:

    I see a bit of Paul Cadmus (maybe even a portrait of him) and Vilhelm Hammershoi here – fascinating. I appreciate what he is exploring so much. Thanks!

    • trueoutsider says:

      Thanks for that perceptive comment, MK. One can almost see him as a cross between the two. His sense of light and form is so specific and melancholic and also suggests the work of previous centuries, which brings to mind a painter like Hammershoi. Yet the contorted gestures and figures in various perturbed states bring to mind a Modern painter like Cadmus.

  2. mk says:

    Agreed, so uniquely himself too – refreshing and also respectful of the tradition.

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