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Wendell Berry on Imagination

William Hogarth, Strolling Actresses Dressing in a Barn, 1738 Excerpted rom the 2012 Jefferson Lecture for the National Council on the Humanities given by Wendell Berry: The term “imagination” in what I take to be its truest sense refers to … Continue reading

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Poem for Today

Guy Pene Du Bois, Night Club Their Night never could read Tender Is the Night but they’ve made a tv adaptation of the book and it’s been running for several nights and I have spent ten minutes here and there … Continue reading

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Ivan Le Lorrain Albright

Ivan Albright, The Vermonter (If Life Were Life, There Would Be No Death), 1966-1977 I once asked Ray Yoshida, this would have been back in the early 80s, who he thought the best painter to come out of Chicago had … Continue reading

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William Gaddis

Pieter Bruegel, Tower of Babel, 1563 William Gaddis begins his last novel, published a decade, with three questions that are just as pertinent today as when he posed them. His novel, a bare 96 pages, was the distillation of 50 … Continue reading

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