Anton Furst

These are some of the spectacular drawings that Anton Furst made as the film designer who created the vision of Gotham city in Tim Burton’s Batman (1990).

Article from the Independent examining Furst’s Hollywood experience and his tragic death:

Anton Furst

Anton Furst

Anton Furst

Anton Furst

Anton Furst

Still from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927)

Still from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927)

Still from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927)

Furst’s drawings for Batman call to mind the invented prisons of the 18th century Italian artist  Giovanni Battistsa Piranesi (above)


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2 Responses to Anton Furst

  1. Wonderful to see it all. Truly fantastic. Thanks!

  2. trueoutsider says:

    Thanks, Margaret. Glad you liked these. I wish I could find some source that has printed Furst’s original drawings for Batman. He also did a phenomenal job creating Vietnam for Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket on the site of a gasworks in Britain. He also did the design for Neil Jordan’s In the Company of Wolves. .. Furst was really a remarkable artist, and to me very unjustly neglected. But that’s part and parcel of the upside down nature of the fine art world. … Pop irony allows the snide notion that art created for popular audiences is inferior to high art… So that the popular art that travels over is generally the most puerile. Compare Keith Haring type graffiti art that is all but ubiquitous to Furst’s brilliant work.

    Furst’s drawings far eclipse most of what is considered great contemporary art these days, particularly if you have the stomach to glance at a Whitney Biennial. I think that’s actually the reason for the neglect of artists like Furst. The general dismissal of work that stands comparison to art of the past, Piranesi in Furst’s case, shows the poverty of imagination, as well as artistic ability, that’s epidemic at this point. The so-called High Art world, from my perspective, is a bad joke at this point, completely devoid of even the remotest standards.

    As a matter of fact, there has been a concerted effort to make the standards as low as possible. My belief is that the cynical financial investors that have gamed the whole art world at this point want to rub the face of hypocrite critics and gallery dealers into a pile of rubbish to watch them bleat with amazement at literal piles of crap… I could name a number well-known artists off the top of my head, whose works primary content is referential to excrement —- urine, shit, ejaculate, etc.

    Why is it that nobody inside the art world utters a peep of protest at this manifest garbage? They’ll be immediately excommunicated and vilified. It’s rare enough when anybody outside the art world protests against it. They, of course, don’t want to be seen as culturally illiterate. After all, if the Museum of Modern Art or Whitney host it, then it’s of clear cultural significance. It’s no surprise that the art world has become just as corrupted and polluted as our political system. The same financial manipulators control both.

    I’ve seen some of Furst’s original drawings for Batman up on the walls at DC comics, where my friend Bob Shreck worked editing Batman back in the 90s. I wonder if DC still owns and displays them. It’s a great shame that his work hasn’t gotten some kind of attention, at least that they would have been reproduced somewhere. If they have been, I’ve been unable to locate them.

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