Legitimate Rape


Now that the hubbub about Congress Akin’s remarks about legitimate rape have finally settled down we can sit back and look at this a bit more objectively. The piling on by the knee-jerk liberals and even some of his own Republican colleagues just goes to show how irrational the country has become.

After all, Representative Akin isn’t just some redneck yahoo from the backwoods! He’s a long-serving (six term!) member of the US Congress who sits on the House Science Committee. Does someone really have the nerve to think that a Congressman sitting on the vaunted House Science Committe is an out and out moron?

How does anybody imagine why we’re the Shining City on the Hill and the envy of the world if it isn’t for good Republicans who speak forthrightly about the kind of issues that less enlightened countries completely ignore. Just look at the ridiculous notions of universal  health care for women, men and children that some of these backwards nations entertain! What rubbish! No wonder they’re all sex-crazed over there running around with contraceptives and access to abortion on top of it! Their women even run around on the beach topless, for goodness sake! They’re sex maniacs!

Granted, Congressman Akin’s  language was maladroit.  But, let’s not forget,  he’s pointing to the science. When women are raped in a legitimate sense, as opposed to them being drugged and raped while they’re unconscious (which does leave them vulnerable to conception), there are well-known microorganisms that are alerted and leap into action to block the invading sperm of the male aggressor. I mean this is science! Gee whiz!!! What the heck! Are you guys stoopid or something????

At least the good citizens of Missouri have their heads on their shoulders and have allowed a great Congressman like Akin to serve the people of this country along with his other colleagues in the Tea Party. I’m optimistic that we’re going places with men of vision like this to lead us back to some common sense wisdom.

The folks in the video below seem to get it. Note they included the animated sequence so people can understand the science that Akin is relying on:


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