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Orlando Furioso

Gustave Doré, illustration for  Orlando Furioso (The Madness of Orlando), 1877 I wanted to turn my attention to something that will take my mind off the art swindle I’ve lately been writing about and I thought Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso along … Continue reading

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Fine Art Swindle 3

Steven Cohen, entrepreneur Yet another article in the NY Times, this one a little harder to connect to the art world because it doesn’t mention that Steven Cohen (manager of one of the biggest hedge funds in the world) is … Continue reading

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The Hollow Men

George Grosz, The Painter of the Hole II, 1950 “I thought the war would never end. And perhaps it never did, either.” –George Grosz Max Ernst, The Eye of Silence, 1943-44 Max Ernst, Europe After the Rain II, 1941 “If … Continue reading

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Fine Art Swindle 2

The  New York Times has printed a second piece on the underlying financial fraud that props up the current art market. And this following an auction that just broke all sales records. Typically, as bubbles enter their final phase before imploding increasingly … Continue reading

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The Fine Art Swindle

Basquiat, Hannibal I recently wrote that high art at this point in history has become little more than a traded commodity in a global financial casino. This article in today’s Times explores it a bit. “Law enforcement officials in … Continue reading

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The Pseudo-Mysticism of Matthew Barney

“As the nation declines in power and wealth, a universal pessimism gradually pervades the people, and itself hastens the decline.” – Sir John Glubb, The Fate of Empires Extra on the set of True Blood? No. Great artistic genius Matthew … Continue reading

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Austin Osman Spare

I’m not going to comment on Austin Osman Spare’s mystical and magical beliefs, since I don’t know enough about them at this point. Apparently AOS began doing automatic drawings early in the 20th century some time before the Surrealists began … Continue reading

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