Fantastic Landscapes: Yves Tanguy

tanguy 4                        Yves Tanguy, Extinction of Useless Lights, oil on canvas, 1927
tanguy 3                                 Yves Tanguy, The Mood of Now, oil on canvas, 1928

tanguy2                                       Yves Tanguy, Tomorrow, oil on canvas, 1938

tanguy 5                              Yves Tanguy, The Furniture of Time, oil on canvas, 1939

tanguy 1                          Yves Tanguy, Indefinite Divisibility, oil on canvas, 1942

627.1943                         Yves Tanguy, Slowly Toward the North, oil on canvas, 1942

tanguy 9

Yves Tanguy, Through Birds Through Fire But Not Through Glass, 1943

tanguy 8                           Yves Tanguy, The Hunted Sky, oil on canvas, 1951

tanguy 7                        Yves Tanguy, Multiplication of the Arcs, oil on canvas, 1954

tanguy 10                                                 Kay Sage, The Answer is No, 1958

This was the last painting made my Tanguy’s wife, Kay Sage, who shot herself five years after her husband’s death. In her suicide note she wrote, “The first painting by Yves that I saw, before I knew him, was called ‘I’m Waiting for You.’ I’ve come. Now he’s waiting for me again–I’m on my way.”

Tanguy and Sage fled Europe with the outbreak of World War II, as so many other European artists were forced to do. They eventually settled in Woodbury, Connecticut, where the lived out the remaining years of their lives. I like to think of them up there working on their concentrated singular visions a mere two hours away from the frantic excitements of the New York School.

At the moment I’d far prefer being able to see the work that Tanguy was making during those post-War years than any of the work produced by the American painters. That could have to do with the fact that I’ve been endlessly exposed to the Action Painters achievements, but is more likely that I’m just sick to death of the kind of in-your-face obviousness of art making nowadays with its lack of subtlety, poetry or mystery, all qualities that are present in abundance in the work of Tanguy.

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