The Truth Hurts 2

“They call it the American Dream because anybody who believes in it has to be asleep.”– George Carlin

reggie marshReginald Marsh, End of 14th Street Crosstown Line, egg tempera on composition board, 1936

WASHINGTON — Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives,… –Huff Post Business, 9/29/13

Isn’t that a knockout of a painting? No, maybe not. I mean is it Modernist?… I don’t think so… Have to ask a professional art historian or critic or curator to find out, though. I’m just an artist so what would I know? Of course, if it isn’t Modernism then it couldn’t be a good painting… plus it doesn’t follow the principles of Greenbergian flatness, so at best it’s some mediocre hack job by one of those artists who didn’t get it. Didn’t understand Cezanne… and his implications. How dumb can you get?

Just thought I’d follow up on the statistics of the crushed working class… uh, sorry I mean Middle Class. America doesn’t have a working class. To be a worker is a sign of failure. We just have a happy and prosperous Middle Class and then a bunch of poor folks who are basically lazy and shiftless. Ronald Reagan pointed out how they were all living off the dime of the Middle Class. Now they’re so lazy, they sleep out in the parks, in their cars, and under bridges. Believe it or not, prior to Ronald Reagan one never saw homeless people wandering around or carrying signs begging along car routes. At least he got the lazy bastards to get off their asses instead of sleeping through the day!

But now just look at all the lazy fuckers! It’s outrageous! Four out of 5 US adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives. No wonder this country is screwed. Four out of 5 Americans don’t have the get up and go to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps?!?! What in the hell is this country coming to?

I hope that Congress and Obama stick to their austerity plans and continue to lay off workers and Tom Friedman at the Times keeps getting his point across that outsourcing American jobs is good for these people. Maybe he can scoop up another Pulitzer Prize explaining why joblessness and homelessness are just what America needs to build character in the global marketplace. Oh, yeah, he’s already written one. After spending years encouraging the forces that have destroyed the working class, he’s now given us How America Fell Behind the World and How We Can Come Back. Quite a mouthful. But he’s done it again!

What’s going to help us come back is just what Congress and Obama are dishing out. Sure tough love hurts. But what else can you do with a nation of slackers? As he says, “We need to study harder, save more, spend less, invest wisely… We need values, priorities and practices embedded in our history and culture, applied time and again to propel us forward.” Of course. Stay the course is all that’s needed!

That’s why we need to continue to get rid of public education and  get those lazy teachers laid off or their salaries down (Obama’s former chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel is hard at work on that in Chicago. Yay!) and let the free market run it. We need to continue to crush labor unions  while opening up our workers (er ,  Middle Class) to competition from workers in countries who make a couple bucks a day for factory work.  That’ll toughen em up.

He’s really hit the nail on the head by suggesting that the four out of five people struggling with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare need to study harder, save more, spend less, and invest wisely. Just for starters they can collect the discarded cans littering our streets and with the money they make from that invest in Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital where big returns are virtually guaranteed!*  Plus they better keep their values up and Pledge Allegiance every day to the Free Market Fundamentalism of Tom Friedman and his pals at the NY Times writing the slobber they call journalism over there.

*Oops. Sorry about that. After reading the article below it looks like SAC might not be such a safe bet after all. The unemployed might also want to be cautious about investing in Steve Cohen art picks, as I  read that Damien Hirst lost a reported 50 percent of his value after the ’08 Crash. But still,  all you ragpickers out there, take Friedman’s advice and study harder!  The reading material that might help guide you when you’re making your investments. And learn to have the proper corporate values, unlike this Andrew Tong character with his whiny complaints. Apparently Tong has brought a sexual harassment suit against his boss at SAC, Ping Jiang. Tong alleges this his boss “Tied him up, urinated on him and forced him to take estrogen pills, dress in women’s clothing and perform oral sodomy.” Tong is apparently not a team player.

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