Happy Art for Britain, too!


I just saw an Al-Jazeera report with the sad, sad news that gambling facilities are mushrooming across London with  local politicians are describing a situation saying the city has up to 7,000 empty shops!


Being an American I can’t help but think when life gives you lemons it’s time to make lemonade! And the next report gave me an idea. The Barbican Center has already shown the way! They have on display  the kind of art the public really needs…. Let’s get rid those negative old Munch Scream emotions and loser attitudes! Who wants to visit a museum for a downer experience? Art lovers want an art that lifts spirits, and is fun for the whole family!


The solution to these empty shops and burgeoning gambling addictions is staring the Brits right in the face! All that needs doing is to turn those 7000 empty spaces into art galleries and fill them up with the kind of art entertainment we have by the truckload in even the smallest of  US art towns. Out here in Santa Fe, for example, you’ll find art that is sure to put a smile on even the gloomiest face.  Sure, I’m aware of the news articles pointing out the astounding increase in the use of anti-depressants. But those are the folks that haven’t got their Santa Fe art hanging on the walls.

Now, I’m just using one example of how Americans are battling these tough times with happy art.  So, get with it East London! Use your imagination. Or just copy what we’re doing. It’s all good!

santa fe 1

santa fe 2

Keep those colors bright! This kind of art will dispel those gloomy London faces! Guaranteed!  And as you see in the picture below, make sure those galleries have lots of flowers on display!!! And put lots of exclamation points in the advertising!!!!!

santa fe 3

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