Bloggers of the Apocalypse


There are so many Bloggers of the Apocalypse to choose from! And my favorites of the moment are in constant rotation. As of today, James Howard Kunstler’s Clusterfuck Nation has just gotten into the top spot because, at least to my reading, his writing has gotten much more vivid and snappish of late. Plus he keeps referring to Kim Kardashian…

I’ll admit upfront that I’ve decided to feature a lot of Kim (and she has a lot to feature) since my handy WordPress popularity meter tells me that Kim Kardashian’s Ass is one of my most popular blogposts.  And I’ve really only begun to crack the surface… or surf the crack as the case may be.

All right, enough about me and my personal obsessions. Here’s JHK’s latest post:

“Poor Ben [Bernanke], sedulous student of the Great Depression, who didn’t notice that the country had changed from a nation of farmers and factory workers to a nation of pole dancers and waiters, now awaits his sublime moment of Hooverization. Like poor President Hoover, he gets to hang around the pilot house half a year after he runs the garbage barge of US finance aground on the shoals of wishful thinking and accounting fraud.”

david eustaceDavid Eustace RBA, Ship of Fools, 12 x 12

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