The Latest Van Gogh Painting

van gogh new painting

This latest authentication of a Van Gogh has happened a week after I wrote this in my post on Rubens/Bruegel and adds to substantiating it:

It’s apparent that none of the cult of experts who decide what is or isn’t authentic have any genuine ability to tell with any degree of certainty whatsoever who painted what where no historical documentation exists. The first Rembrandt authentication panel rejected Rembrandt’s The Polish Rider when compiling their list of genuine Rembrandts. Then later, under pressure from other experts, they eventually found it to be genuine.

As one reads in the article the van Gogh now regarded as  unassailably authentic was rejected as an obvious fraud and forgery in 1991 by the same museum that is now broadcasting it as a work of genius.

And we read in the article that the painting in question was actually listed in 1890 as part of Theo’s collection with a number painted on the back corresponding to  the number in the collection inventory?

This is the brain trust in charge of identifying and attributing authenticity to Old Master paintings? And the public and collectors actually take these people as authorities simply because they have titles after their names and are ensconced in major public institutions?

No doubt these are the same people who  think a Gagosian/Saatchi, et al, are brilliant connoisseurs picking the greatest artists of our time based on consultation with a highly refined and knowledgeable group of brilliant critics and art experts with the highest possible standards and tastes.

Ah, the American Dream. It’s a wonderful thing. The whole world has got hold of it now. Art is beautiful, even if it’s Tracy Emin stuffing cash up her snatch… As long as the money is there… and it sure is. We can all thank Obama for making certain that the real Americans have recovered from the financial collapse of 2008. He’s made sure that the people who really suffered haven’t just been restored to financial health.

Just last year the top 10 percent took the largest share of total US income since the government began collecting relevant data. Just think of all the wonderful art that money will be supporting, since the ultra-wealthy invariably have the wisest and best choices in what is great art and what isn’t. What’s a mystery to me is why Republicans are so opposed to liberal Democrats since under the liberals they actually do so much better financially.


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