Pope Francis on Money

bruegelPieter Brueghel the Elder (engraving), The Battle of the Moneybags and the Strongboxes

From the Pope’s homily at the Vatican, September 20, 2013:

Money sickens our minds, poisons our thoughts, even poisons our faith, leading us down the path of jealousy, quarrels, suspicion and conflict. It drives to idle words and pointless discussions. It also corrupts the mind of some people that see religion as a source of profit. ‘I am Catholic, I go to Mass, everyone thinks well of me… But underneath I have my businesses. I worship money’. And here we have the word we usually find in newspapers: ‘Men of corrupted minds’. Money corrupts us! There’s no way out.”

“We can never serve God and money at the same time. It is not possible: either one or the other. This is not Communism. It is the true Gospel! They are the Lord’s words. While money begins by offering a sense of well being. Then you feel important and vanity comes. We read in the Psalm. This vanity is useless, but still you think you are important. And after vanity comes pride. Those are the three steps: wealth, vanity and pride.”

“But, Father, I read the Ten Commandments and they say nothing about the evils of money. Against which Commandment do you sin when you do something for money? Against the first one! You worship a false idol. And this is the reason: because money becomes an idol and you worship it. And that’s why Jesus tells us that you cannot serve money and the living God: either one or the other. The early Fathers of the Church, in the 3rd Century, around the year 200 or 300, put it in a very blunt way, calling money ‘the dung of the devil’. An so it is. Because turns us into idolatrous, fills our thoughts with pride and leads us away from our faith.”

Just who might the Pope be referring to?

“And again I say unto  you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” – Matthew 19:24

Pope Francis speaks… in Al-Jazeera.

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2 Responses to Pope Francis on Money

  1. John says:

    Me-thinks that this chap should read the book The Criminal History of the Papacy by Tony Bushby, parts of which are available online.
    And contemplate this truth-telling images too:
    The process depicted in this image was “authorized” in the “name of ‘God'” and for the “glory of ‘Jesus'” by the papal bulls of 1455 1493 . And as Chomsky pointed out in Year 501 the conquest continues.

    He should also read Columbus & Other Cannibals by Jack Forbes, and The American Holocaust by David Stannard, The Power & The Glory – The Dark Heart of JP2’s Vatican by David Yallop, and do a thorough-going Google search on the topic The Vatican in World Politics.
    Meanwhile of course right-thinking “catholics” were heavily involved in what is described in this essay: http://logosjournal.com/hammer_kellner

  2. trueoutsider says:

    John, just so you don’t go off half-cocked, I wasn’t endorsing the Vatican just that particular homily. I’m aware of the Vatican’s criminal history but not chapter and verse. If I can find time, I’ll try and pick up Bushby. I’ve read Year 501 and many histories of the Spanish Conquest.. Been down to see all the Orozco murals in Mexico, as well as visiting his studio in Guadalajara so thanks for the Dartmouth murals (which unforgivably I’ve never been up to see, although I did see his mural at the New School … There’s also the Vatican ratline for Nazi war criminals (Bushby gets into that, perhaps?) Andreotti, the Vatican and the Mafia and so on… It is the land of Machiavelli (not to mention the Roman Empire) so what else would one expect but conspiracies within conspiracies?

    I’ll have to find time to read the Mel Gibson piece. Does it get into his father being part of Opus Dei?

    For me, all this stuff gets rather complicated in terms of separating truth from illusion, which doesn’t mean I don’t find it interesting. It’s like the (currently reinvigorated due to the anniversary) parlor game speculating on the Kennedy Assassination (CIA-executed military coup!) A book I read a year or so ago did offer some fresh insight (to me, at least), Peter Janney’s Mary’s Mosaic, which instead of looking at Kennedy’s assassination looks at the assassination of Kennedy’s mistress/love interest Mary Meyer just as the Warren Commission report was being released (if I remember correctly)… Mary had been married to Cord Meyer (a key player in the CIA inner circle who developed Operation Mockingbird along with Allen Dulles)… also the lover of the Washington Color School painter Kenneth Noland and a Washington Color School painter herself. Peter Janney, the author, is the son of Wistar Janney, another key CIA insider). The day after Mary Meyer’s mysterious shooting Ben Bradlee (her brother-in-law) and James Jesus Angleton (the most high spook of them all) went into her apartment and grabbed her diaries… which were never to be seen again.

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