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Pascal Doury

  I can find very little biographical information on Pascal Doury, which is just as well. I’ve posted many artists whose work requires no interpretation as they all speak marvelously in their own unique language.  It’s one of my beliefs that the better the work … Continue reading

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Sarton/de Chardin/Grünewald

Matthias Grünewald, panel from the Isenheim Altarpiece From May Sarton’s, Journal of a Solitude: I opened Teilhard de Chardin (The Divine Milieu) to this passage this morning: The masters of the spiritual life incessantly repeat that God wants only souls. To … Continue reading

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Constantin Guys

This is the work of Constantine Guys (1802-1892), yet another artist whose work has fallen into complete neglect in our age of the vapidly commercial. Guys was a Dutch artist and the inspiration for Baudelaire’s influential essay “The Painter of … Continue reading

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