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The Dead Seas

The loss of Arctic ice is causing the jet stream to drop lower than before, subjecting plants (aka food crops) to temperature swings that they cannot adapt to. If it continues, we won’t have much to eat. Some of the … Continue reading

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More Art Fraud

  Honore Daumier, Art Lovers Couldn’t resist posting about the latest art forgery case. Pastor is Convicted of Trying to Sell Counterfeit Art. When in the world is somebody going to arrest Larry Gagosian,  Charles Saatchi, et al for selling counterfeit … Continue reading

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The Fantasy World/The Real World

Here are a few art interesting documentaries showing different aspects of the art world. Some promising new talent: art criticism: gallery goers:      

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The Cosmic Phallic Firmament of Andy Warhol

I’ve seen much of the great films and great work of Andy. Blew my mind. Changed the entire history of art as well. One can’t tire of the man or his art. And gems like this one are constantly being … Continue reading

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Toulouse Lautrec/Al Williamson

I’ve interspersed the work of Toulouse Lautrec with that of the American comic artist Al Williamson for comparison. It’s notable that Williamson exhibits drawing skill approximating Lautrec’s virtuosity. But one also notices that Williamson doesn’t allow himself to express anything with it other … Continue reading

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