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The Immortal William Claude Dukenfield


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Thomas Couture, Decadence of the Romans, 1847 USA by Michael Hartnett They who were once proud of their persuasion now in their declining jaws grow small bones, their teeth grow huge, their skins turn yellow and crack. They are slowly … Continue reading

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Exciting Art World Developments: A Short Survey

 Diego Riviera, Night of the Rich, 1928 Fortunately for us living out here in the hinterlands where no exciting art is taking place, the New York Times is there to keep us informed of the latest profound art developments going on … Continue reading

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Coleridge: Fears in Solitude

Hendrick Goltzius, Hercules Killing Cacus, 1588 excerpted from Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Fears in Solitude (1798): My God! it is a melancholy thing For such a man, who would full fain preserve His soul in calmness, yet perforce must feel For all … Continue reading

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Ginger Baker


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The Empty-Headed Art World

“Downtown Hollywood. An incredibly ugly little town. It’s really boring.” –lyrics from Tinseltown Rebellion by Frank Zappa The Metropolitan Museum Art Costume Institute Gala says all there is to say about the condition of the decadent art world. It’s not partly about fashion. … Continue reading

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More About Art Fraud

The May 2, 2014 New York Times reports Selling a Fake Painting Takes More Than a Good Artist. The piece, written by Patricia Cohen in the typically opaque fashion that characterizes art writing at the Times, is apparently attempting to … Continue reading

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