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Bronislaw Wojciech Linke

Bronislaw Wojciech Linke (1906-1962). As he’s from Eastern Europe I don’t find any biographical information on him readily available. That’s to be understood. Since he doesn’t fit the American definition of Art (followed by the rest of the world) he never existed. … Continue reading

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The Marina Abramovic Problem

I know that I’ve somehow gotten myself embroiled in the Marina Abramovic controversy… Whether performance art is art… whether it’s good or bad art… and so on. It’s recently dawned on me that the problem with Marina’s work that some … Continue reading

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Great Moments in Performance Art

A good friend in France brought to my attention recently a few performance artists I’d never heard of and I wanted to remedy this serious oversight on my part. I’m afraid that for many years I’ve neglected avant-garde developments that … Continue reading

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Hidden History of US/Israel

  July 25, 2014 GAZA CITY: At least 105 more Palestinians were killed on Thursday as Israel continued the slaughter of civilians in thickly-populated Gaza Strip. (from The International News) Here’s a link to a good lecture by Alison Weir that … Continue reading

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