Great Moments in Performance Art

A good friend in France brought to my attention recently a few performance artists I’d never heard of and I wanted to remedy this serious oversight on my part. I’m afraid that for many years I’ve neglected avant-garde developments that were happening all around me, stupidly occupying my time with the dead art form of oil on canvas.

I’ll leave it to my 13 or 14 readers out there to inform me of any great performance artists that I might still be overlooking.

First, let’s take a look at this galvanizing performance by Lisa Suckdog on 7-7-92 in “Philly”:

I’m not sure if this next one is performance art (shows how out of it I am)… But just to make sure I cover the bases the enormously talented Peaches in “Fuck the Pain Away.”  (word up to the lovelorn.)

Can’t believe I missed this next one… Not sure who this Jay Z guy is. Clearly a major talent… He’s got a firm grasp on what art is. That’s for certain, as we can note that he’s teamed up with the greatest performance artist of all time.

The collective talent assembled in that room? Meteoric… Who says white people don’t have soul? Note the level of sincerity and enlightened consciousness on the assembled faces (two central features of all great art).

Next: “A Woman for Sale”… This one starts out a bit slow but hang in there… challenging art takes time to absorb and appreciate fully.

fuck… there’s so much of this performance stuff on you tube…. Perhaps I’ll throw in this overview of the current state of flat art to give some of the context in which the performance art manifests itself:

I hope that my readers aren’t fast forwarding or skipping any of this stuff. The only way you’re going to have a TRUE ART experience is to view the art carefully… and appreciate it … slowly! The way it was meant to be looked at!

A couple more performance pieces…. Outside of Jay Z where are all the male performance artists?

This next video isn’t performance art… but I think what we’ve got here is a lot of untapped potential that the art world could use! And this does seem to be where all the potential male performance artists are hanging out!

OK… I’ve saved the best for last… Hold on to your seatbelts! These are 7 (count them) 7… Performance Art Videos That Will Blow Your Mind!

Sorry that the cutting edge analysis is a little fast. You might want to play through this one a couple times absorbing what the hosts are telling you… Valuable insights that will get you oriented for your Mindblowing trips into Art Nirvana!

I’m glad they threw in some of the groundbreaking work of artists like Yoko Ono, which at the time was only appreciated by a very select group of deep thinkers… known to those in the know as the deep art cognoscenti.  Super tastes. Super intellects. Super bundles of cash.

We have these people to thank that Yoko and others like her were able to lay down the challenge to this younger generation of artists who are really giving her a run for her money (thanks to the cognoscenti’s money).

When Jackson Pollock surpassed the Renaissance artists by discovering deep energy cosmic space (that Clement Greenberg helpfully pointed out was really flatness) who could have predicted it was just the beginning of where American Art would eventually end up? And is this the end!??!?! Not by a long shot. Sure this is Real art for Real people and love and the body… art and the body and the limits of the body being transcended by the experience of the real body in space with other real bodies!!!! Self-expression and awareness all combined in supercool dance moves!

Where can art go from here you might ask?

I can’t say for sure, but having my finger on the pulse of the cognoscenti I wouldn’t be surprised if before too long they’ll figure out a way to put the entire Burning Man festival into the Museum of Modern Art! Curator Dudes at MoMA!!! Take note!!! Beyond Super Coolness! Beyond Thunderdome!


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2 Responses to Great Moments in Performance Art

  1. Time to start a new show called America’s Got Artistic Talent. It would be very funny. Clearly there is a vast hole that needs filling. I’d get all my friends (the ones with humor anyway) to sign up. The ones with talent should just concentrate on their day day jobs and maybe, in the evening if they get a moment, their art.

  2. trueoutsider says:


    I couldn’t agree more. Look at that JayZ fellow! Where he developed his Performance Artist skills I haven’t a clue. But Marina sure spotted them right away! I’m an enormous fan of Marina; isn’t everyone? Well, if they aren’t they obviously have no idea what art is. They better get cracking on youtube to get informed.

    I used to be pretty depressed, lost even! While I’ve done art my whole life it’s just been stumbling around in complete confusion. I’m now 60! Holy cow does time fly! I’d gotten nowhere until the review of Marina’s’ immortal work “The Artist is Present” by Arthur C. Danto in the New York Times.You can read it here. It will open your eyes, my friend! Danto has written books about ART!!! Can you imagine? More than one! He’s even written a book just about Marina! So I knew at last what art was. It’s about personal transformation. You bet. And Arthur and Marina are the ones who can do it for you.

    And You know me, Russell… I’m a guy that doesn’t believe in anything. A doubter! A skeptic! I’m really un-positive. Un-American, even! But I’ve been changing since coming to a place where everyone around me believes in something! No matter how thoroughly insane it is… So I figured that maybe it was just me… I was the only one who didn’t believe. Well, I was a party pooper! And I set about correcting it, believe you me! I also learned to put in lots of exclamation marks because they show how enthusiastic and positive I am about my new beliefs!

    Firstly I worked my way through all the books of Dr. Wayne C. Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey! So I should know a little about personal transformation, my friend! Not just a little! A lot! It’s about being positive! How simple is that! How true is that!

    I need to find a video camera because I want to do a series of instructional youtube lectures. Based on the teachings of Marina and the exegesis of Arthur C. Danto.

    A bit of the script I’ve been writing:

    “What Marina does is Art! Dammit! Believe it you motherfuckers out there!” (I thought I might use some emphatic rap in the background that I also have written some lyrics for… they go… “In da house, Mothafuckahs, in da house… In da house, Mothafuckah’s in da house… ) That’s the chorus. I’ve also got a rap that goes along with it that will go up and down in volume as I continue to address my audience.

    “And it’s real!!! Because Art is Real… quite real. How do I know? Because Arthur C. Danto has written books, my friends! And they’re about Art! He knows it as he’s real smart. Uses really big words and he’s read philosophy! Lots of it! Even French philosophy! And that’s the hardest!”

    (It be real, mothafuckahs, It be real… How I know? Toad a toe… Arthur C. Danto tol’ me so!)

    That’s as far as I’ve written, but I thought at that point I’d do a long reading from Baudrillard: “Simulacra and Simulations-I. The Precession of Simulacra.”

    I hope other artists are reading this and that my sentences aren’t too long. That my writing is clear and transparent like Hemingway’s. Artists like Marina and critics like Danto cut through all the jargon, and I’m trying to do that myself. I hope in my next post to put down some quotes from Arthur and Marina. You might notice that my writing goes a little long. I apologize. That’s due to the shorter sentences. While I shorten them they also tend to pile up. But I want to be clear. When we’re talking about what art is. Clarity and Truth. Just two words. Clarity. Truth. Put them on your art studio wall. So that visiting curators can see what you’re about. They help. They help to find Clarity and Truth.

    If this is blowing your mind you might want to just stop reading here.

    I’ve been told I can get monotonous. Of course I’m monotonous!!!! I’ve learned that from Marina!!! That’s the essence of all great art!!! If you want to experience this great art you need to toughen up, buddy boy! Follow your breath… stare into space… Look into Marina’s eyes! They are deep! They’re connected to her deep mind! You go down and down into it. Deep down… then you begin to find you’re losing your own mind… your own mind is surrendering… Get rid of your mind, man! It’s holding you back!

    You know I’m getting old. My mind’s going. But at last I’ve found out what art is. It was hell back there not so long ago. I couldn’t find it anywhere! Art gallery after art gallery filled with all kinds of dumb objects. Museums too! I didn’t realize that Art wasn’t dumb objects. That it was the person! The human being! Me! I was Art all along! I looked into the mirror in the bathroom! The one I’ve been avoiding… and shockingly discovered I myself was Art! Not the physical me! That aging decaying Dorian Graying soon-to-be corpse… The eternal ME.

    It’s heavy stuff. The Truth. Clarity. Hard work, believe me. The JayZ performance art has improved my dance moves as well. My body now expresses my inner joy.

    When I experienced Satori looking into my bathroom mirror I was hit with the need to urinate! I spun to the right, unzipped and let it all go! The bliss of my first performance art piece enveloped me. I have talent, Russell. I have untapped talent and I’m ready to perform. I’m trying to locate Arthur Danto’s grave. I’d like to take a piss on it… Then on to MoMA … Pissing on the curators pantslegs…. What are other artists waiting for? Don’t they know that they, too, can achieve art enlightenment! Throw down their outmoded art implements! Don’t they understand Marina is urging them to get out of their stupor..

    Look at those lost souls sitting around her at the performance… the actors, the artists, the gallery directors… Completely lost. Marina is trying to wake them up…. but, oy, what a thick crowd she’s working with. All they need to do to wake up is get off their keesters…. take a step forward and take a piss on Marina’s sacred robes. She’s asking for it. She’s practically begging for it…

    She’s saying “Piss your life away!!!! I’m doing it! You’re doing it now!!! Make it real, though… Don’t just piss it away watching me… Really do it… Really piss on me!!!”

    As Arthur writes, Marina has brought the magic back that has been lost to art for so long… She has the light… She can dispense it. Will she set up a Holy Shrine somewhere that we can all travel to and receive our dispensations…. Ah, those lucky few along with her and Jay Z…. JayZ himself brimming with Light… With Joy and Magic.. ,

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