The Art World Sham

A friend sent me a couple youtubes exploring the sham art world. The word sham always calls to my mind the Francis Bacon witticism: “Here’s some champagne for my real friends, and some real pain for my sham friends.” And then I’m reminded of Moliere’s Misanthrope:

“No, I tell you, no; we ought to chastise, pitilessly, this shameful interchange of make-believe friendship. I want a man to be a man, and let the bottom of his heart be seen in all he says, and in all he does. Let it be himself who speaks, not masking his real feelings behind false compliments.”

Here’s Robert Hughes, a charlatan himself and one of the pompous architects of the Post-Modern fraud trying to distance himself from latter-day practitioners such as Damien Hirst:

Eric Hebborn describing (below) the sorts of people he was selling his forgeries to in the contemporary art world. If one has any uncertainty about why such obvious forgeries as those peddled at Knoedler and all through the rotten art world go completely undetected Hebborn will clear that up:

One of the vaunted Brit art schools where people go to learn how to make “art”.  This is the Brain Trust. The creme de la creme. Prepare yourself:

To extend John Searle’s comment about Jacques Derrida into the art world: These are the kind of people who give bullshit a bad name.

Jane Deeth (below) summarizes Contemporary Art in 2 minutes… and then goes on for another 10 minutes talking mostly drivel, which is what art experts are paid to do after all.:

One of the “giants” of Post-War American Abstraction, Larry Poons… If you can’t tell that what he’s speaking is complete drivel, I don’t know what else I can say. I’d just recommend that you go ahead and view the next half a dozen videos following it to see if it dawns on you.

Here’s the chief bullshit artist of the 1950s. I’m sparing you by only giving you a minute of him:

Now 7 minutes of brilliant avant-garde puzzlement to glimpse the lasting profundity of Duchamp’s work. If you stop viewing before the end of it you’re a complete philistine incapable of appreciating the works of the great Art Geniuses of the 20th century.

Next, one of the greatest avant-garde musical geniuses of the 20th Century. The man brilliant enough to understand Duchamp’s genius and extend his thinking into the world of music. Again it’s imperative that you view this film all the way through if you don’t want to reveal your own obtuseness to Artistic Genius:

The genius himself:

Notice that the Audience loves Cage’s music. He’s obviously the predecessor of America’s Got Talent…. Where did anyone ever get the idea that perceptive popular American audiences didn’t love the avant-garde from the outset?

Next: not only one of the greatest and most profound painters of the American century… but possessing all the wisdom of Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey combined! If you think painting’s hard to accomplish just follow this artist’s instructions: empty your mind and let the inspiration come in. Simple as that. God only knows why those old timers like Rembrandt and Watteau (whoever he was) learned how to draw:

Since Agnes mentioned Bruce Nauman and his “scintillating” ideas I thought it might be worth viewing some those. Everybody has to stop those ideas coming into their heads unless they’re geniuses like Agnes’ pal, Bruce. Bruce’s ideas are indeed scintillating. Not quite as scintillating as Yoko Ono’s but he’s on the right track:

Frankly, the ideas in these following videos are so scintillating I’d advise you not to watch more than one or two at a time lest you become overwhelmed by the intellectual firepower:

Ono’s mind is just too advanced for the likes of Nauman and Martin. While both of them have travelled to considerable mental heights, Ono is the woman who has arrived at the pinnacle. Her work is so hard to understand I thought it best to have some explanation:

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    On blogger, I had posted several times about my frustrations with the Art World. This here would be one example, but it links also to previous blogs of mine about the same rants. By some chance, I found this one here by trueoutsider, and it resonates deeply with me. I already shared it several times on Facebook, but now am reblogging it also here.

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