Valery Slavuk

slavuk 11

Valery Slavuk (b. 1947), Illustrator. Born in Vitebsk region, Belorussia. Lives and works in Belorussia. State Belorussian Theater and Art Institute, Department of Graphic Arts. Works are held in collections of the State Belorussian National Art Museum, Foundation of Belorussian membership of Artists and in private collections in Austria, Italy and Germany. Valery Slavuk is a professor at the Belorussian State Academy of Arts.

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5 Responses to Valery Slavuk

  1. I’d like to see these in person.

  2. trueoutsider says:

    You and me both. I’d also like to see more of the work, but these were all the images I could locate.

  3. Mus says:

    I didn’t know the work of Valery Slavuk and I think it’s really interesting. Thank you for introducing him to us (and your many other interesting posts).

    Big hug!

  4. trueoutsider says:

    Thanks, Mus. Glad you liked the work. I often try to post the work of artists who are considered marginal and receive very little attention. To my eye, an artist like Slavuk is so far superior to what currently passes for “International Contemporary Art” that artistic values are stood on their head. Art that possesses the values of subtlety, complexity and poetic richness is entirely absent. Art that shouts loudly, is totally simplistic, and has no poetry whatsoever is in full abundance.

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