Susan Te Kahurangi King

stk 22stk 1

Born in New Zealand in 1951, Susan Te Kahurangi King stopped speaking around age four but drew prolifically through her thirties, when she abruptly stopped. In 2008, almost twenty years later, she resumed her work, picking up where she had left off.

stk 2


stk 3


stk 4


stk 5



stk 6


stk 7



stk 8


stk 9


stk 11


stk 12


stk 13


stk 14


stk 15


stk 16


stk 17


stk 18

stk 19


stk 20


stk t21



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One Response to Susan Te Kahurangi King

  1. Marcia says:

    These are great.

    Marcia Finkelstein 505.385.8746


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