The Triumph of American Whatever

The great thing about the capitalist market system is that the cream invariably rises to the top. And the rest of the crap sinks to the bottom. lt’s an infallible system, really. I noted that the headline news the other day in the New York Times reporting that Kanye West is launching his own line of clothing. Fortunately, the Times keeps me posted with all the latest cultural milestones or I’d no doubt be prone to falling behind.

I also like to watch Fox News regularly as I can also keep abreast of the current number one and two bestselling books on Amazon. And people don’t think laissez-faire Capitalism doesn’t rocket America’s greatest cultural achievements to the top?

As the brilliant hosts and respected Doctor of Psychology explain (clearly in these positions due to their own breathtaking insights and intelligence) these adult coloring books aren’t just for 6 year olds. These coloring books  are extremely challenging adult comic books. And what American doesn’t love a serious mental challenge? Apparently, the coloring books also provide a medical benefit in that they keep people calmed down and help them get to sleep. Do Americans have trouble sleeping? Most of those I observe on a daily basis are in a kind of trance-like robotic stupor staring at computer screens. Maybe it’s just the place where I’m living? In other places they’re in heated debates about the crisis in the Mideast and the implications of California running dry by next year?

I picked up the quote below somewhere or other from that anti-intellectual misogynist, Philip Roth. This guy is really negative. What can I say? He’s even giving up writing books because he thinks there’s no longer a literate audience around to understand what he’s writing about… I feel for the guy, believe me. If I knew his address I’d send him a couple coloring books.

“Very little truthfulness anywhere, antagonism everywhere, so much calculated to disgust, the gigantic hypocrisies, no holding fierce passions at bay, the ordinary viciousness you can see just by pressing the remote, explosive weapons in the hands of creeps, the gloomy tabulation of unspeakable violent events, the unceasing despoliation of the biosphere for profit, surveillance overkill that will come back to haunt us, great concentrations of wealth financing the most undemocratic malevolents around, science illiterates still fighting the Scopes trial 89 years on, economic inequities the size of the Ritz, indebtedness on everyone’s tail, families not knowing how bad things can get, money being squeezed out of every last thing — that frenzy — and (by no means new) government hardly by the people through representative democracy but rather by the great financial interests, the old American plutocracy worse than ever.”

I was reminded of a Gore Vidal speech before the National Press Club, back in the days when a few members of the press had working brains, at least enough to appreciate this kind of joke.:

“I heard bad news on the way over here: the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library was just destroyed by fire, and, tragically, both books were a total loss. Worse yet, he wasn’t finished coloring the second one.”

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2 Responses to The Triumph of American Whatever

  1. goetzkluge says:

    Finally you can get stoned by a book without getting booked. I can’t wait until these colouring books are translated into German.

  2. trueoutsider says:

    Too funny,… the decline of the West… what can I say? Of course, all one has to do is walk through a contemporary art exhibit to have that message delivered loud and clear. Still, for reasons totally inexplicable to me artists and others still take everything oh so seriously, particularly themselves. As if society has granted them any role to play outside of nitwit entertainment. I’m waiting to see what happens as California goes dry…. Will anybody in the art world notice this is happening? Or will they still be staring in wonderment at their reflections in the fetish-finish polished surfaces of their perfectly plastic Clement Greenberg approved artworks? Imagining that these immortal works are going to be gracing the museums in the sand dunes of the future … eternal art nirvana for the Jet Setters.

    Any artistic discipline without the slightest ability to criticize itself dies, after which it descends into farcical irrelevance, becoming a source of entertainment and ridicule. Just like the rest of our sorry excuses for institutions. :

    Will Self had a piece not long ago lamenting the sorry state of the visual arts. International city after city filled with look alike homogenous “hipsters”. He rightly admitted his and his peers’ responsibility for having pimped crap art throughout the 80s and beyond. Interesting reading to me at least. I view it pretty much like he does, although I’m not that widely travelled. It’s what I find when I see an article about the hip new scene in Mexico City, which looks exactly like the hip scene in Miami or Abu Dhabi or Little Rock, Arkansas. Everybody doing exactly the same thing. Entropy… Culture death.

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