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The Non-Culture of Narcissism

Art Star/Has Been…. whatever his name was… “Plagued by anxiety, depression, vague discontents, a sense of inner emptiness, the ‘psychological man’ of the twentieth century sees….peace of mind under conditions that increasingly militate against it. Therapists…become his principal allies in … Continue reading

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Henry Darger


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The Turin Horse

Below I’ve posted the monologue from Bela Tarr’s masterpiece, The Turin Horse. Thanks to John Dockus for reminding me of the film in connection to Van Gogh’s Potato Eaters. The brief monologue serves as an epitaph for a dead civilization. : … Continue reading

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Vincent Van Gogh/Fernando Pessoa and God

  Jozef Israëls, Peasant Family at the Table, 1882 Vincent  van Gogh, The Potato Eaters, 1885 There are many who view Van Gogh’s potato eaters as grotesque and ugly in comparison to academic renderings which Vincent was well aware of, … Continue reading

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Reply to J.D.

      This reply takes off from John Dockus’s comment at the bottom of the Gage Taylor post. Rather than have it buried there I’m continuing below.: Hi John, I’m fine with psychologizing about art. Just not going into … Continue reading

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Gage Taylor


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God Bless Mike Leigh!

I finally got a chance to see Mike Leigh’s magisterial cinematic accomplishment “Mr. Turner.” I rank this film on the same level of the greatest cinematic masterpieces of all time. With “Mr. Turner” Mike Leigh establishes himself in the pantheon … Continue reading

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