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clownClown Painting by A. Dubsky painting from “Clown Paintings,” a book by Diane Keaton   Well… I’ll put up some art humor to lighten the mood… cheer up the audience: The paintings of Ike Andrews

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  1. Martha Shepherd says:

    Bart: Truly hilarious – the pomposity is palpabe.

    I met a clown at Coney Island as a 6-7 y.o and he was mean as hell. After we left the ride he applied a cattle prod and shocked all the children and thought it was funny as hell.

  2. trueoutsider says:

    Hey Shep!… I keep saying, if one cannot laugh at the contemporary art world that then one has to be totally devoid of a sense of humor. Pomposity is the key ingredient that the entirety of the Contemporary Art World relies on… Without pomposity what would be left?… a bunch of bricks lying on the floor and debris piled all over the place in “interesting” arrangements? Andy Warhol piss paintings? Gee I wonder what Andy was parodying?….

    It’s really hard to figure out Andy’s messages…. They’re so deep and profound.. I’m still having trouble understanding Greenberg’s seminal essay… “Kitsch and the Avant Garde”….He uses all these big words and references to these philosophers I’ve never heard of … Like Kant… Who is Kant? Kant figure it out… Well tells me “Kant’s theory does all sorts of things that seem appropriate for a non-reductionist philosophical system and that later philosophy has had trouble doing at all. ”

    That doesn’t strike me as even a grammatically correct sentence, but what the hell do I know about grammar. I’m an artist. Duh! I rely on Clem Greenberg and his successors to tell me what art is so I know what to do when I get into the studio. Otherwise it’s all just too damn confusing. Clem and his pals managed to simplify it so that basically all I need is to get myself a hundred yard roll of canvas. I rely on Ralph Lauren paint chips to select the colors that are most suitable for the current fashion season…. There are some tough decisions involved along the way, like how many coats of paint are going to be necessary to get it all perfectly flat. Well that’s for my minimalist line of paintings.

    I also do the more expressionist abstracts… those are some real doozies, boy o boy!

    But even with the expressionist ones I never violate the integrity of the picture plane! The picture plane must be maintained at all costs or I risk an illusion of space, which defeats the entire point of painting, don’t you know? It’s not very Kantian at all. German philosophy rules, baby! Totalitarian mindset is de riguer mortis… Like French puns… They’re pretty cool too.. You have to know them to understand why a mustache on the Mona Lisa is a brilliant 20th century artistic breakthrough.

    The more I investigate Marcel’s work the more I learn about human sexuality, my own sexuality, Marcels’ sexuality and his gambling instincts and chess moves. It’s a wild trip, man! That’s what’s led me to my concepts, which is the other kind of art I make. Except I don’t really make it … it’s just an idea inside my brain… I sit in the gallery and let the gallery goers guess what I’m thinking… I’m communicating my thoughts telepathically to these gallery goers,.. you get it? So they are speaking the art through their own mouths. It’s a bit like the Ike Andrews concept… But filtered through Duchampian semiotics and Lacanian notions of the Other.

    Mankind is evolving into a kind of hive mind where the individual is only necessary to broadcast the thoughts in my own mind back to me. Hopefully the thoughts I have will be amusing to me…, Otherwise it’s going to be a long month sitting in the gallery listening to a bunch of boring drivel. …something like reading facebook comments all day by people talking about how much they love this or that “art.”

    OK…. I’ve gotta a bridge to go jump off of! Talk to you later, amigo!

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