Fukushima update

“Fukushima is literally a time bomb in quiescence. Another powerful quake and all hell could break loose. Also, it is is not even close to being under control. Rather it is totally out of control. According to Dr. Caldicott, ‘It’s still possible that Tokyo may have to be evacuated, depending upon how things go.’ Imagine that!”


Now let’s listen to this asshole talk about how profound his thoughts and ideas are and how deeply important they are to the history of human thought and culture:

While the planet turns to uninhabitable wasteland I think it’s of utmost importance that artists keep their minds totally absorbed in self-entertainment that they can then entertain others with. It’s a great relief that Marcel Duchamp has provided the role model artists can follow to spout incomprehensible bullshit and drivel about their “work.” Or if they’re still inclined to indulge in primitive art forms like painting they have any number of how-to books or the writings of Clement Greenberg to give them ideas they’re incapable of coming up with on their own.

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2 Responses to Fukushima update

  1. goetzkluge says:

    35 years ago I spent two wonderful weeks near Fukushima. Later I lived in Tokyo for almost five years. I can imagine very well what happened and will happen. I think that people in Japan always were anticipating such man made catastrophies, however, without taking action. But this is not a Japanese issue. The Japanese only are ahead of us. Because learning from them seems to be impossible, the rest of the world will follow.

  2. trueoutsider says:

    Accidents at nuke facilities and places where radioactive waste is stored are common. Mainstream media pays little if any attention to this, as American consumers of media simply want to be entertained and kept as far away from the reality of the environmental destruction by corporations as possible. Yes, we live by the absurd philosophy that what you don’t know won’t hurt you, blithely occupying our time with trivia and gibberish that takes our minds of the collapse of our business civilization.


    A calamity at Indian Point like the one at Fukushima would finish off NYC, which has no evacuation plans whatsoever in the event of a catastrophe as it would be impossible to have any. Just driving across from NJ to Westchester takes the better part of a day. One can only imagine how far anyone would get were there any kind of evacuation order of the kind that one gets in the Southeast when devastating hurricanes approach.

    Gov. Andy Cuomo says it’s “inherently problematic” to have a nuclear power plant on the edge of the largest metropolitan area in the country. Duh. Great to have leaders with such remarkably lucid perceptions. Too bad they never bother to lift a finger and instead prefer to make windbag comments and then go right back to feeding corporate interests as soon as they’re finished with their media interviews.


    Denver had the great foresight to put a nuclear plant right on the edge of the city… The waste will be around for thousands of years. Denver was polluted by plutonium from fires and other sources which wasn’t publicly reported until the 1970s. Allen Ginsberg and his Naropa students tried to shut it down in the late 70s when word got out…It kept on going into the late 80s.


    When the nuke testing was going on in the 50s outside Las Vegas it was a big tourist attraction. Radioactive fallout was simply vacuumed off houses and from around swimming pools. The Eisenhower administration, top scientists, media and military reassured us that it was all perfectly safe. But the Eisenhower administration also had a law passed that there could be no lawsuits allowed in the case that any people were in fact injured by radiation.

    Naturally, all kinds of fatal cancers and so on afflicted the dolts out getting their kicks watching nuclear explosions go off. But as far as I know our scientists have deferred collecting any kind of information about it. God forbid public health ever be a concern of the Federal Government. If it was Americans would no doubt be out campaigning vigorously to get the Government off their back and interfering with their native right to expose themselves to atomic radiation.

    Environmental devastation, genetically modified food, toxins in the water supply from fracking are certainly worth the price as long as we can sit in front of TV and computer screens all day long watching the latest headcase entertainments.

    Like I say, a civilization this fucking stupid is bound to consider a Marcel Duchamp the greatest artistic genius of the 20th century.

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