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Reminder from Frank

We interrupt this program to bring you a message from Frank Zappa.. ’M THE SLIME – Frank Zappa I am gross and perverted I’m obsessed and deranged I have existed for years But very little has changed I’m the tool … Continue reading

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Will Greece Crack the International Market?

Just putting up this Kunstler article for those interested in speculations regarding the situation in Greece. And what does that have to do with John Singer Sargent’s painting, El Jaleo? For now I’ll leave that to the Deconstructionists to puzzle … Continue reading

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El Jaleo

“….By the fall of 1881, Sargent was working on one of his largest and most drematic genre scenes, El Jaleo. Ideas for the picture had been percolating in his mind since 1879, when he had visited Spain and sketched the … Continue reading

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Schmuckerberg Follies

“People in Western Europe and a few of its colonies dreamed of machines, and then created them. They dreamed of a universe reduced to the status of a machine, a universe made totally transparent to the human mind and totally … Continue reading

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De Tocqueville and Eggers on Mass Conformity

“There is nothing more irksome in the conduct of life than the irritable patriotism Americans have. The foreigner would be very willing to praise much in their country but would like to be allowed a few criticisms, that is exactly … Continue reading

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