Will Greece Crack the International Market?

wall st.Just putting up this Kunstler article for those interested in speculations regarding the situation in Greece. And what does that have to do with John Singer Sargent’s painting, El Jaleo? For now I’ll leave that to the Deconstructionists to puzzle out. As Bloomsbury’s Roger Fry (and great Cezanne champion) noted about Sargent in 1926, well into the Great Depression, “Wonderful indeed, but most wonderful that this wonderful performance should have been confused with that of any artist.” Or take the venerable Lewis Mumford: “Sargent remained to the end an illustrator…the most adroit appearance of workmanship, the most dashing eye for affect, cannot conceal the essential emptiness of Sargent’s mind, or the contemptuous and cynical superficiality of a certain part of his execution.” Quite right, old chaps! Sargent was sure no Marcel Duchamp! And a Sargent clearly had no rich full thoughts of the kind Mark Zuckerberg expects from his legions of Facebook users. Let’s face it, Sargent was sure no brain like that of Marcel Duchamp who thought of the toilet and hatrack and endless brilliant provocations, oddly just as tedious as the one before given his brilliant mind.

Of course, Sargent is the kind of painting that can be dashed off after employing a few tricks and lessons one learns at the local art school. Just ask Eric Fischl.

Well, onto Greece, to see what’s happening in the cradle of Western Civilization.


Uncharacteristically, JHK has left out China in his apocalyptic vision… not really a prediction as he does say “Nobody knows. And anything can happen.” I’d say he’s got that one called correctly.

For those interested in the collapsing Chinese stock bubble, there’s the BBC reporting, those intrepid chroniclers of countries as they rise and fall:


And what was Duchamp doing in that year of 1926 when a worldwide depression was creating conditions leading directly to WWII? Great art! That’s what! Just look for yourself! To get the full impression you need to watch it over and over for the next 10 hours… Make sure you’ve smoked up a couple doobies or had a bottle of scotch for the full effect of his art to hit you:

Sargent’s real failing that he took like too seriously. He didn’t have the genius of a Marcel to understand that life is really just about having fun, as the Fun Show that provides the video reminds us.

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