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Things Are Gettin’ Real

Here’s a good one from the Guardian titled “West Point Professor calls on US military to target legal critics of war on terror.” Reassuring to know that I’m not a legal critic but only an artist critic. It’s true that … Continue reading

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Why Art Is Dead

Firstly, here’s a very good piece explaining the Migration Crisis that Donald Trump is going to solve by shipping 11 million Mexican immigrants home. As to why art is dead there are so many reasons it would take too much … Continue reading

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Jay Z on Picasso

Jay Z’s performance of Picasso Baby with Marina Abramovic. Note the various high figures of the avant-garde attendant: Jim Jarmusch, Lawrence Weiner (he’s the guy that evokes the comment “Illuminati” noted at 1:00), Andres Serrano, George Condo, Diana Wildmaier Picasso, … Continue reading

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Is It Just Me?

Anybody out there with half-a-brain? Just checking to see the consensus on Banksy’s Dismaland. You can use a pseudonym when you write so that you aren’t stoned to death and banished entirely from the contemporary art world for voicing a … Continue reading

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Market Crash

Worth listening to on what is happening to the markets lately. The writer James Howard Kunstler talks with David Collum, Chair of the Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University: David Collum JH Kunstler conversation Why am I … Continue reading

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Askia Asks

Askia asked me in a comment on my Tracy Emin, Tory post: “On what basis do you make the assertion that if these 80s New York artists were transported back in time they would exist on a rung below the … Continue reading

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