Why Art Is Dead

Firstly, here’s a very good piece explaining the Migration Crisis that Donald Trump is going to solve by shipping 11 million Mexican immigrants home.

As to why art is dead there are so many reasons it would take too much writing to go through it all. Being aware of the Twitter-attention spans of readers (that being one of the reasons art is dead). I’ll just take the primary one. John Wight’s piece on learning from Ancient Rome prompted it.

When societies or civilizations or empires enter the period of decline they move ineluctably toward decadence, after which there’s dissolution. Artists are powerless to speak to this decline as the society has no use for artists whatsoever other than to entertain and decorate. The former provide the bread and circuses, the latter make/design the cool threads, jewelry, housewares and wall hangings, etc.

Artists wanting to maintain the ideals or standards or moral cohesion of the classical periods are naturally viewed as totally out of step and ludicrously retrograde. That art is no longer relevant as society has moved on to more advanced forms of art.

Celebrity artists become all the rage. Hence Nero and his fiddle. Nero wanted to be in on the action as well. Who wants to be an Emperor when they can be a performing artist? In America who wants to be a Hollywood Actor when they can be Governor of California or President of the USA…. The crowd sure prefers the actors to real politicians. Who wouldn’t in a period of decadence where the rich are crushing their servants keeping them in the clover by crushing them under immense tax burdens? We’re now seeing if they’ll go for a Reality TV star and billionaire with hair that rivals Kim Jong Il’s for eye-catching.

Yeah… that’s about it for this post… Hope I kept it short enough,,, oh yea… gotta have the picture since this is an art blog….

kim jong il


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4 Responses to Why Art Is Dead

  1. sydsart says:

    you say what I feel. Love the columns.
    had to share on FB today. Thanks. from an old artist who no longer works much. Ms Syd

  2. shep says:

    Yes! Great words my Friend. Perfect analogy.

    I remember a book by Michael Parenti that described the assassination of Julius, the First Caesar, as being a plot by the corrupters (all politicians) like we have today and in that day. In his mind Mr Caesar was the people’s Caesar and was going to begin righting wrongs but the powers that were had to eliminate him, even, his so-called trusted friend Brutus.

    In this case, of course, Trump is a master corrupter. There are lots of articles that nail Trump for what he is in the nether world of this planet.

    I’m wondering when the powers that be will get together and divide up the earth and render all areas police states to put ALL people in slavery to save their jobs and legacies. (in their poisoned greedy minds).

    • trueoutsider says:

      Tom Holland’s Rubicon is an excellent read, Shep, if you’re interested in a detailed historical account. Certainly a conspiracy to kill Julius even by his old pal Brutus. The HBO series Rome is actually quite good as well. Well acted and written.

      I was just thinking that while there are all these accounts of Rome with the madcap violence of the colosseum that what is missing are all the fantastic comedy acts that were certainly operating simultaneously just as they are today. In these Rome accounts and cinematic presentations and plays we get Romans that are all bloodsport and no play. Who were the Roman Jon Stewarts and Bill Mahers.. The Rush Limbaughs and other hilarious comedians of that nature keeping the massed crowds spinning in merriment and then retreating to the orgie-strewn villas to share it all with the assembled there.

      Merriment all around I would imagine, wouldn’t you? Or perhaps it’s just in the late twentieth century with all these optimistic Americans that we can look at the reality of our collapsing empire and degraded citizenry and find it all totally hilarious? I guess that will have to stand as America’s contribution to Western Civilization. Imagine architects of the future sifting their way through the wreckage at Las Vegas discovering a payload vault of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin movies and Carrot Top videos. And for the cultural achievements outside the laugh riots, the marvelous architecture, and neon drenched interior beauty of the casinos… and hey… what else but Caesar’s Palace?

  3. trueoutsider says:

    Thanks, Syd. The support means a lot.

    Artists are all in a big competition these days. And for me, one can’t see painting or drawing at all on a computer screen or in digitized form.

    It’s pretty lonely these days for older artists that’s for certain and I think that the world has no use whatsoever for us.

    I try to think that I’m painting for the people of the future and that what I’m doing now will be a real gift to them… Not that it will be beautiful work or solace or anything of that sort… But it will be be like the gift that a Goya or a Bosch gave me when I was very young and was in trouble. Something to hold onto in all the horror and shit was experiencing.

    They were telling me,… yeah, kid,,, you’re allright. We saw it too. Don’t sweat it, man. Try drawing it.

    While these other artists are leaving those kids of the future not much of anything to look at… urinals and big colored rectangles and so on… I put a lot of stuff in my work for them to see… and I hope they’ll enjoy it just as much as the people of today loathe or ignore it.

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