Why Art is Dead 2: Art Critics

The thorough destruction of painting in the 1950s by the critic Clement Greenberg, the abstract painters who acquiesced in its destruction, and the second gen. painters who painted in accordance to the art critical rules set in cash by Greenberg have resulted in the complete sterility of contemporary art. The Western Civilization that American artists inherited, were bellowing about extending/surpassing, and that began with Giotto has been thoroughly destroyed.

Painting and sculpture were what constituted art. Eliminate painting by turning it into nothing but flat designs, childish figuration, copying photos, Old Master style copying or crude expressionist paintstrokes describing nothing and there is no art content left worth looking at.

A Frank Stella or an Ad Reinhardt are a negation of art. Malevich and Mondrian are its negation as well. Mondrian avoided nature. If his chair looked out on nature he’d turn the other way. He chose to live in the middle a city of skyscraper and asphalt that had as little nature as any other city on the planet. This is hardly the artist one wants to select as one of the giants of 20th century painting, as he was selected by MoMA, unless the goal is to totally negate art.

I suppose we will go on pretending that we live in some kind of viable culture while it exists in the same state of ruin as our political class, decadent ruling elite, corporate thievery, collapsing eco-system, and thoroughly ignorant citizenry twittering on to each other about the relief they gained from their last bowel movement. That’s really all I see about me. The art is a travesty. A hobby, craft or comic book style extravaganza. R. Crumb and Art Speigelman are now serious artists. Move over Rembrandt and Degas, we need to make room for the Art Speigelman retrospective. Am I deriding Art Speigelman? Yes. Absolutely. Total crap. I know the guy. Everyone in comics is terrified of offending Speigelman or they fact expulsion according to a piece I read by Ted Rall (will link later). Fuck the lot of the gutless bastards. Say something. Stand up for yourselves. No wonder they don’t make art.

Anyway, martial law will arrive before long so big difference any of it makes.

There is no content whatsoever in art other than than the concept of art, whatever that could possibly mean other than people babbling gibberish to each other.

Without a common set of principles or spiritual center art collapses into oblivion. All we have is playacting. Marina Abramovic pairing with Lady Gaga with their “inspirational” bullshit sessions. This is art for the NPR and PBS listening crowd fervently devoted to middlebrow banalities. All their various politically correct sensitivities are soothed and massaged. “Obama has just wiped out a wedding party with a predator drone?”… Well…we did elect him so he’s in charge…. and it shows how we’re not racially prejudiced if we let a black man bomb the Middle East instead of a white one.”

And on to the next show. Lectures on self-help spiritual enlightenment by the beloved and recently passed con artist Dr. Wayne Dyer. His 15 books could easily be summarized with: “Love yourself. Just love…. Just love yourself. You are beautiful.. Don’t let nobody tell you different.”

The very same people that believe in the Stock Market as the Voice of God. Microsoft and Apple and the Telecoms and the Teletubbies and the vacant staring public having their brains turned to cabbage by their non-stop media consumption.

Brain scans show that the effects of videogaming on the brains of children is the same as that of cocaine. Yet their stupefied parents apparently think this is a good thing, presumably having had their own brains turned to mush doing the adult version of videogaming: net surfing, texting, twittering, facebooking…. all at the same time.

Artists say nothing about any of this or anything else worthwhile for that matter as they’re too busy trying to design new groovy objects to add to the towering pile of waste products that constitute the American Dream.

Tumblr and Pinterest and sites where I imagine 10 million images a second are posted are enough to make anyone with any aesthetic sense at all throw up.  Only cybernerds with  goat turds for brains could have invented the kind of applications that cheapen art beyond all recognition or repair. And the zombies of the cyberworld can pretend they’re getting culture by cutting and pasting whatever strikes their fancy and they imagine how hip or discriminating they are.

Does anybody say a fucking thing about WHY they like this or that? Do they have any thought whatsoever about what qualities make this or that selection significant? While a Corot landscape gets 5 likes, a photograph of a camel’s asshole will get 10,000 likes. Does this indicate anything about where our culture currently resides? And where is the outrage of the artists? Are their heads just as far up their asses as the people netsurfing? Or are the artists the same ones doing the netsurfing so they can find the most popular and groovy styles to imitate?

So we descend into a totally impoverished sewer, impressing each other with our hip tastes that are exactly like everyone elses hip tastes. And who in the world would NOT want to be a part of this fantastic wonderland of shopping mall nirvana? So artists are tasked to make joke images that will stand out in a blur going by at warp speed. Images invariably have sex/death content on the yang side or cutesy pet/cutesy babies on the yin side as these are most appealing to the same lizard brain that Madison Avenue and Hollywood target. You don’t know what I’m talking about?

Am I totally crazy? This isn’t the culture I’m living in? I’m dreaming? Am I living in a Philip K. Dick novel? Are we all cyborgs now? Has the singularity happened and I blinked ed and missed it?

It sure seems so as everybody else around me continues to playact that everything is just groovy and nothing at all has happened since the American Art elite in New York City decided to turn art into a degrading spectacle or totally boring and narcotic light show for those who like to meditate and be calm while Rome burns to the ground.

OK… well… Glad I got that off my chest.. Just kidding, guys… It’s allright, Ma, I’m only dying. So how was the Dow Jones sitch, Wall St. Bros?

Down 470 points today?… Twitching as bad as an epileptic lately. What’s up? Have Jon Stewart’s replacement get Alan Greenspan on to explain it.

OK… here’s a picture for you delirious picture junkies with your heads up the ass of Pinterest… I’m thinking some of you might read two sentences as you go down to the bottom of the writing to see it… What will it be?,… A cunt by Courbet… that should interest you. And I’ll pair it with this dimwit named Mickalene Thomas, who looks like the Miley Cyrus of the cool new artists.

Yes kids! I’m a hater! I hate everything..!!! Hate, hate, hate… all day long. Like the Grinch. Really mean! Run! Run!:


I think that all art from now on should be about political correctness and gender and race issues and it should be brought to our attention with crude parodies of the works of the Old Master painters who are all white males. Why don’t we just get white heterosexual males entirely out of the business of making art so that it can move on to new heights totally unburdened by the weight of artists like Gustave Courbet, sexist and chauvinist pig that he was.

Now that I look at the Courbet parody I think that while it’s pretty damn lousy, it’s not as lousy as an Art Spiegelman drawing.

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3 Responses to Why Art is Dead 2: Art Critics

  1. sydsart says:

    I would like to ask one question, please. Will you post and discuss something that you would agree is art, that is art for the folks and not for the money of Clement Greenburg. Never thought a cow cut in 1/2 was art anyways and neither was a bed in a tent with all those different seminal fluids. But I wasn’t successful at explaining what I thought. What would your response to Piss Christ be?

  2. trueoutsider says:

    Thanks for the question, Syd. I was just thinking about Piss Christ in relation to the article I read yesterday in the Guardian about Pope Francis telling his priests to pardon women who have abortions. It’s quite extraordinary that the head of the Catholic Church has condemned militarism, repealed the ban on abortion, and attacked Capitalism as a war against the poor. These are all left positions that they claim to adhere to and yet where is there a word of embrace in the art world of this Pope and his speaking out? I’m awaiting any of them to even mention it. It should be noted that he is speaking out in a way that nobody in the con art world is speaking out.

    All the art of the past relied on a vision of the earth and the cosmos as sacred. All traditional societies believed in the sacred. Even the Romans had these beliefs. But in the current time we have no beliefs in the sacred whatsoever. This started with Duchamp and was institutionalized by Warhol, Johns, Rauschenberg and others through the efforts of Leo Castelli and his gallery.

    This happened in the 60s when an art index monitoring return on investments by art market players also came into being. It was hardly a coincidence. Now a single silkscreen by Warhol will go for 70 million or some other absurd figure. I don’t track it closely as the last thing that interests me is what this crap sells for. I have a hard enough time trying to figure out how to do a blog. I can’t stand technology on a visceral level.

    To understand just why work like Piss Christ and the rest of the mess called Contemporary Art is ubiquitous today, one needs to understand what happened in the 1950s and 1960s when art was taken entirely out of the hands of artists by Wall Street. Why artists refuse to acknowledge or combat this is a more complex issue that speaks to the total decline of America as a viable culture without any notable intellectual life in positions of power

    It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a country with all its major institutions corrupted by Wall Street would have somehow preserved a sacrosanct art world. Yet artists of all kinds totally persist in the complete delusion that art in America at these institutions is sacrosanct. I think they’re terrified to think otherwise and simply stick their heads in the sand if they’re confronted by it. Art magazines and blogsites are devoted to promotional and sales activity. There are no serious discussions of the crisis we’ve entered for the same reason there are no serious discussions of our manifest economic and social problems.

    While there are myriad intellectuals writing about and examing the roots of our socioeconomic problems I’m unaware of any artist other than myself in this country trying to examine the roots of the current crisis in the art world.

    As to art and the discussion of specific paintings, hit the link to JMW Turner or click his name under categories. When I began writing into 2011 it was with the idea I might encounter other painters or people interested in seriously looking at the Old Masters. I learned that artists today have no interest whatsoever in Old Master painting other than to copy the techniques or to babble about how great they were. There is no interest in understanding how they made their paintings on a spiritual level, which is how all painting was made prior to the era of American Dementia as Art.

    The post “Turner and the trance state” starts to address this a bit and there is a lot of evidence built up around it for understanding the conclusions I reach in that post.

  3. LeeMa says:

    Your blog is very refreshing. I am a fan of Edward Hopper, Charles Burchfield, Andrew Wyeth and some Canadians like Lauren Harris and Emily Carr. I look forward to getting more of your comments. We need more like you. Many thanks!

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