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On Internal Contradictions and Cognitive Dissonance

It’s hard to keep up with the fast moving statistics but I’m wondering how far back we have to go to come up with the same number of dead Americans shooting themselves with guns to arrive at the number of … Continue reading

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May The Farce Be With You

Caption: “I’ve got a drawer full of smaller versions these in different colors at home. Making banal objects into monumental sculptures is a radical new idea! It’s what makes the American Avant-Garde so invariably thought-provoking.” For the record, yesterday Obama flatly … Continue reading

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Paris Is Burning

“In proposing to pour yet more fuel on that fire, Hollande demonstrates a crippling absence of imagination, one that has characterized recent Western statesmanship more generally when it comes to the Islamic world.” David Shulman of Hebrew University in … Continue reading

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Politically Correct Art

Yale was really the place where movements like minimalism were born with great giants of painting like Jack Tworkov were teaching and all the little clone minimalists were taking notes avidly. Conceptualism is a natural for the Ivy League art … Continue reading

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Cat Got Your Tongue, Geoff?

Geoffrey Dorfmann, I’m still waiting for your response to my rebuttal of your rude and insulting comment my blog. I’m not finished with my own remarks and have been politely waiting for you to get back on the comment page. But … Continue reading

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Fragments from Ezra’s Disembodied Poetics

Some lines from the mad poet interned in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D.C. for treason. When asked when he had been released from the mental hospital, he replied: “I never was. When I left the hospital I was still in … Continue reading

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