Cat Got Your Tongue, Geoff?

Geoffrey Dorfmann, I’m still waiting for your response to my rebuttal of your rude and insulting comment my blog. I’m not finished with my own remarks and have been politely waiting for you to get back on the comment page. But my patience is limited these days.  I’ve made the charge that you and Resnick are both charlatans and bullshitters. It’s a fact, actually, and since you need some basis for my facts apparently, I’ll  look at some of the evidence upcoming. You can circumvent that by answering some of my questions and apologizing for your rudeness or I’ll just get on with the case when I have some time.

I’m sick of art world bullies and their pseudo-intellectual posturing. None of you scare me in the least like you do all the other sycophants kissing your ass. I at least have no doubts as to how you’ve managed to keep such a high opinion of your pea-sized brain.

And I’ve never cared what my readers thought. They can check out what I write or go elsewhere for amusement. More power and best of wishes to them. Unlike you, I’m not pandering to people and kissing their asses and telling them what I think they want to hear so that they’ll like me.

I certainly, unlike you, never talk to anybody in the rude way you addressed me unless of course they attack me for no particular reason. And you’re a big enough moron to attack somebody who has just praised your biography of Resnick. I’ve seen some bloated egos in my time but you’re up there at the top, chief. I’d reallly like to get a look at a guy with the bloated ego you’ve got. I do portraits of the type for my own amusement. I’ll do one of you, have no fear of that. I’ll even sell it to you for six thousand dollars, the inflated price you charge for your abstract junk.

Resnick sure was a bloated ego. I can see the two of you as a marriage made in heaven. I gave him the benefit of the doubt as a loveable crank but seeing that he let a stupid asshole like you handle his biography I’ve now become aware he was just another jackass with delusions of grandeur like his pals.

No. I do not like the Abstract Expressionists. I didn’t like them pissing on the Western Painting that I loved and I’ve gotten sick of macho abstract types pissing on me. There isn’t a one I met who wasn’t a total half-wit. And I’ve met them by the hundreds at this point in life. It’s even more cowardly that they attack a nobody like me while letting Andy Warhol do a piss parody of their painting methods without even a whimper of protest. How cowardly does it get? Rothko turning on his heel and walking in the other direction when he saw Andy… Probably tears welling up in his oversensitive eyes.

Andy just kicked those guys asses off the stage, yes with a lot of help from Duchamp and Johns and Rauschenberg. But not even the guts to object to Pop Art in any way at all other than to sniff and say, “We’re better than that! We’re real artists! We drive drunk into trees killing an innocent passenger in our back seat and not giving a shit about it.!”

Talk about gutless. You think I’m angry? Man, you’ve been in academia too long or playing in your aesthetic cesspool. You can’t tell anger from disgust. contempt, pure fucking boredom. I can’t stand morons who compound their mental confusion with total arrogance. That’s for sure.

Here’s an issue that should be a burning topic for all artists as it indicates the entire museum system is totally corrupt. Alain de Botton flaps his lips about it for a while here without adressing the source of the corruption,  i.e., the fact that Art Museums have been turned into playpens for the casino capitalists to increase the value of their art investments. When is somebody with a brain going to get a grip on that particular situation and do some honest asking of questions designed to get some real answers? Answer me that Dorfmann, since you’re such a towering intellectual giant and all:

*** For bewildered readers who don’t know what I’m referring in my remarks to Dorfmann they can bore themselves reading through this. You know Dorfmann, there are probably less then 0001. percent of art readers or artists interested in Resnick enough to write about him on their blogs trying to get his work recognized. You’ve just managed to alienate one of the small handful that would be frequently advocating for him. Heckuva job, Brownie.

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