May The Farce Be With You

Caption: “I’ve got a drawer full of smaller versions these in different colors at home. Making banal objects into monumental sculptures is a radical new idea! It’s what makes the American Avant-Garde so invariably thought-provoking.”

For the record, yesterday Obama flatly repudiated Hollande’s somewhat hyperbolic statement that “France will destroy ISIS”.  Obama ruled  out use of US troops in Syria, and convened with Vladimir Putin (who he ceaselessly condemns for his dictatorial aggressions while threatening him with reprisal if he continues) to see if Putin will help him out of the tight spot he’s somehow managed to wedge himself. It’s rather incomprehensible given his status as one of the greatest strategic minds  of American foreign policy who’s ever lived. While George W made a fiasco of the Iraq invasion, Obama has deftly managed, through bombing a half dozen countries to have things back under control. The massacres in Paris were foreseen by Obama some months back and taken into account in his “grandmaster” planning.

But at least it’s a wonderful art world, which is a consolation to me in these dark times. I’m proud to be an artist and part of the deep moral values of Western Civilization embodied in the work of Andy Warhol, promoted where else but in the “left-wing” National magazine by who else but the fanatical follower of Marina Abramovic, Arthur C. Danto. And in the Clash of Civilizations between Domino’s Pizza and CocaCola for everyone and suicide bombers slaughtering civilians it appears we’ve got an exciting match up that could go either way.

I’m not sure what kind of odds the bookies in Vegas are giving on this one. Or where the big players are placing their money.

Why the entire world doesn’t want our Culture of Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, and Grid Paintings shoved down their throats by their Business Class is a real mystery to me. Plus Desperate Housewives and Mob Wives and stadium-sized Christian Rock Concerts? They just don’t have a clue to what real happiness is, I guess. Backwards people, that’s for sure. I doubt these cats even get the meaning of the lyrics of Niggers With Attitude.

Note that Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post loves Hollande as he “makes Obama look like a fool.” According to Rupert’s rag, Hollande has made the American president look like a “cheese-eating amateur.” Does France even have a culture these days? I mean besides American movies, American heavy metal music, and Jeff Koons and American Comic Book Artists at the Pompidou?

All adored, oddly enough, while the American people and political class ridicule them as “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” by not joining in with the invasion of Iraq.

At least Hollande has rectified Sarkozy’s cowardice, and restored France to the good esteem of the far-right. Personally, I was think it was pretty harsh of our Congress calling them “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” and changing the name of the French Fries in the Congressional cafeteria to Freedom Fries. But it seems to have been effective and got the French to wake up to the danger they were in and finally take some action.

Diane Johnston, who has been writing about French culture for decades now provides some political insight into just what a lame excuse for a Socialist government Hollande commands. I’ve always find her writing about France from her post in Paris, although her bourgeoise tendencies are quite evident in her novels Le Divorce and Le Mariage. The movie made from Le Divorce with Stockard Channing, Kate Hudson, and Naomi Watts is just the thing to put on the TV while you’re having friends over for some Mouton Cadet and Cheese Fondue.

The summary paragraphs to her piece in Counterpunch, according to my close friend in France, Jean-Emmanuel Dubois, is on the money. And what else counts in Western Civilization but the money?

“The French left, in its present form, is on its deathbed. Too much doctrinaire reliance on the EU and the euro, too much betrayal of the working class, too much pro-Israel influence, too much obedience to Washington, too much empty incantations about ‘multiculturalism,’ too much censorship of debate and silencing of controversy, too much self-satisfaction in its own virtue.

The arrogance and dishonesty of the left is moving France inevitably to the right. But attention: the French right is still far to the left of the US right, and even to much of the US left in many key respects. Americans concerned with world peace should withhold their judgement of a country finally on the verge of challenging its foreign policy ‘mad in USA.'”

What isn’t “made in USA” about France? Just as Duchamp was “made in USA.” But, I know, nobody is remotely aware of that little fact. Nor do they want to address the question as it might blow their minds and shatter their fragile little Art Belief System. Duchamp and his followers have been pushed routinely for decades by left-wing Magazines like The Nation. Of course, since the CIA funded the left-wing Partisan Review, they’re happy to do it without the funding just out of respect for their former benefactors. It was also great to see one of their esteemed columnists planning the invasion of Iraq with Richard Perle. With a far left like that one, who really needs a right-wing?

Go Hillary! Strange that Johnstone’s description of today’s French Socialists is a perfect picture of the Bill and Hillary Clinton Democratic Reaganite Party.

Keep on truckin’, folks! Truckin’ our blues away!

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3 Responses to May The Farce Be With You

  1. Chris S. says:

    Hi there. I never leave comments but do regularly read your blog. For what it’s worth, Diana Johnstone and Diane Johnson are not the same person. Thanks for doing the thankless job of critical thinking and writing about it.

  2. kinneret says:

    Spoken like a true outsider. 🙂

  3. trueoutsider says:

    Thanks, Kin. By the way, I went to your blog and enjoyed the Duchamp post and want to look around more. I tried to post a comment but it didn’t work, so I’ll put it here. It refers to the photograph you used of D playing chess:

    There are a couple books you might consider reading if you want to get the lowdown on just how much of a lowlife Duchamp was. Julian Spaulding’s “Con Art” and Exquisite Corpse: Surrealism and the Black Dahlia Murder. The former is solidly research. The latter is more speculative, but still filled with a lot of interesting information. I lived in Brooklyn for many years in the 80s/90s. NYC went from bad to worse the entire time.

    The girl in the photo is Eve Babitz. She slept around with the LA cool set in the 70s, including Jim Morrison. A good bio of the Doors is called “Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre.” It dispels a lot of the mythmaking around the Doors and that historical period in general. One sees how commercial interests pulverized everything in their path….

    Once one gets path the mythmaking regarding the Abstract Expressionists, conceptual art/Duchamp/Minimalism/Warhol and so on… there’s very little left to write home about. Take it from someone who saw a lot of this stuff in the late 60s and early to mid-70s when it first arrived. Far, far less impressive than it’s built up to have been.

    Better to go back prior to 1945 to look at and learn about painting and just ignore the entire media circus mess… IMHO.


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