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The Big Short: The Truth is Like Poetry

Boring old painting done by Simon Birch Brilliant and fantastically thought-provoking new installation by Simon Birch For explanations of why the first piece by Simon Birch is boring and why the the second one is a work of genius hit … Continue reading

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Tulip Mania

Madame Blavatsky Thanks to my friend, Goetz Kluge, for sending in this piece from the NY Times. It’s a piece that is proof of the contemporary art market’s existence as no more than a commodities bubble. It’s a modern version of … Continue reading

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Alienation, Despair and American Greatness

  A good piece in Counterpunch by John Grant on the State of the Disunion.  In it he mentions a book by Franco Berardi that looks well worth reading for insights into  how our violence is spinning far out of control, … Continue reading

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Here’s a review of the new Robert Hughes’ book The Spectacle of Skill. Ah, finally an art book written by a critic I’m interested in reading. Of course, I have no interest whatsoever in Hughes’ writings about art which have been … Continue reading

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