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Selling (out) Art

Any guesses as to who this old duffer is? He’s clearly not a very good painter, as we can see.  He’s up there in his dotage looking as if he hardly has a pot to piss in wearing a jacket against … Continue reading

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The Genius That Was Clement Greenberg, pt. 1

I don’t know about you other art aficionados, but when the world has really got me down, polar ice caps melting, toxic waste from  fracking destroying the ground water all over Colorado, another 6 year old holding up the local grocery … Continue reading

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Art for Third Graders: Barnett Newman

To take my mind off America’s epic descent into the abyss, I thought I’d look back for a bit and re-examine what I was taught in art school in the early to mid-70s, and what has made American Art the towering … Continue reading

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I Sure Miss Graham Parker

How a musician could have written and recorded so much great music with such wonderful lyrics and be almost entirely unknown while headache inducing music like that of The Police and U2  and Fleetwood Mac is beloved by millions would … Continue reading

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Way to Go, New York!

Big shout out to the neoliberal neocon-artist liberals in NYC and the high-culturatty Liberal Press for their great job in saving us from Bernie Sanders and his secret Communist agenda to redistribute our wealth. 8 more years of ObamaClintonomics! Bellisimo!  Can’t wait to … Continue reading

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Dark Ages Watch: The Archdruid Reports

Bart Johnson, Anger (from Seven Deadly Sins series), Ceramic plate Before posting on the Panama papers, I wanted to put up this link to an typically excellent piece by John Michael Greer on The End of Ordinary Politics. It echoes … Continue reading

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