Way to Go, New York!

Big shout out to the neoliberal neocon-artist liberals in NYC and the high-culturatty Liberal Press for their great job in saving us from Bernie Sanders and his secret Communist agenda to redistribute our wealth. 8 more years of ObamaClintonomics! Bellisimo!  Can’t wait to see the next round of NYC art stars… I’m on the edge of my seat gazing into the future, a future so bright, I gotta wear shades.

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Sing it Kenny!


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4 Responses to Way to Go, New York!

  1. sydsart says:

    I was just thinking about the next ww that we were never supposed to have. Wondering how Despot Trump would be able to handle the axis(enemies). Rather scary I think and for once I am glad that I am way up in age,

  2. trueoutsider says:

    According to Pope Francis we’re in WWIII now and I tend to agree. I don’t see that Trump’s foreign policy will be any worse than Hillary/Obama’s. In fact, Hillary was to the right of Obama and Libya was her war. Hillary even overruled Cold Warrior Robert Gates. And she lied about the embassy bombing in Benghazi. The list goes on.

    I’d suggest you might read Diana Johnstone’s Queen of Chaos or even Edward Klein’s Blood Feud to get a better sense of who Hillary is behind her pathological lying and a media that refuses to do any serious journalism illuminating her lies.

    Both books are fascinating. If voters had bothered to actually read about Hillary she’d be nowhere near public office outside of perhaps dog catcher, and her husband should be a figure of public ridicule. But Americans choose not to do even the least bit of reading or research and rely entirely on watching TV punditry and absurd debates where candidates lie through their teeth. But they get away with it because the mainstream press /TV are thoroughly corrupt and do not bother to put anything into context or examine in detail what is true and what is a lie in remarks made by politicians in any kind of systematic way. Politicians get away with all of this due to the simply fact that Americans, for various reasons having to do with our history, want to believe in the myths we tell ourselves (through Media and Hollywood and pulp fantasy fiction) instead of to seek the truth. And the price for that is an oncoming disaster.


    Yes. Trump is a demagogue and a fraud. But he shows just how sick the country has become. But as bad as he is, his foreign policy is far saner than Hillary Rodham Clinton’s, even Foreign Policy magazine recognizes this:


    And Foreign Policy is an conservative establishment organ:


    I do hope that we are going to live to riper ages ourselves, but even more so I want the younger generation to survive. I don’t think that being silent about all of this is going to do them much good. And I don’t know if speaking out is going to do them any good. But, personally, regardless of the cost to me socially/personally (as I’m generally loathed by the arts community) I feel that by speaking about this corruption and our failure to address it in any meaningful way perhaps some small good can come out of it.

    Anyway, I appreciate your and others reading the blog and keeping me a bit of company.


  3. trueoutsider says:

    Here’s another thing that Hillary supporters might consider. The Koch brothers realize just how great both Clintons have been at serving the interests of the billionaire class. Why is it that Democratic voters have so little real awareness of this?


  4. trueoutsider says:

    I’ll also add this. As so often happens when I’m writing, a couple days after lambasting the New York Liberal Press for aiding in Hillary’s win, who else but the New York Times, at long last and well after it will do Sanders any good publishes a full exploration of just what a disaster Hillary is due to her warmongering.


    If reports like these had been published prior to the election they would have no doubt had a great impact on peoples ability to understand the enormous difference between Sanders and Clinton in foreign policy. This, after all, is the primary role of a free press in a democratic society: to inform the public. Our media don’t do anything of the sort. Their actual role is to bury stories that should be front and center, to analyze, investigate, and debunk false statement. In other words, to report the truth. Instead they slant, spin, distort, entirely make up, repeat lies as if they were facts.

    In terms of Bush’s Iraq War, the media was clearly aware that so many of the military pundits advocating the invasion and overselling the threat of Saddam had deep financial investments where they would profit enormously if the US went to war. This should, at the very least, have been made clear when they were being presented on TV and in the press as unbiased experts. It took the New York Times I can’t recall how many years now to finally break their investigative bombshell exposing in detail how so many military experts profited mightily with the invasion of Iraq.

    Just as in the case of Hillary and myriad other cases, they fail to break the news until after it will do any good. All the information they printed yesterday on Hillary is well known. It need have taken no investigation whatsoever. It was in the books I named above, and in abundance through other researchers and writers on the Clintons. On the other hand, the Times resident expert on Economics Paul Krugman routinely in his editorials blasted away at Sanders’ economic ideas as being not just unworkable but dangerous to the economy. The establishment media has done everything in its power to attack and delegitimize Sanders and to promote Hillary.


    Now we can sit back and see what happens with Hillary. And the Democratic voters who voted for Hillary should be made to hold full responsibility for what she does to this country if she’s elected. There’s a slim chance she’ll be indicted (as she should be) for “Servergate” and as the FBI wants to do. But I imagine she’ll be protected, particularly since the Koch Brothers and every other billionaire out there is no doubt far more interested in her winning than in Trump. Trump is a loose cannon. Hillary isn’t. And everyone knows that Democratic voters will just keep voting for whoever the party tells them to because they’ll invariably be so terrified (by Dem media propaganda primarily) of whoever the Republicans put up… and that’s how the system works as it goes ever deeper into the dark night of authoritarianism.

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