I Sure Miss Graham Parker

How a musician could have written and recorded so much great music with such wonderful lyrics and be almost entirely unknown while headache inducing music like that of The Police and U2  and Fleetwood Mac is beloved by millions would be a mystery were it not for the fact that I’m so deeply familiar with the mindsets of those millions.

Maybe, just like at Bill’s victory bash, Hillary will feature of reprise version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop Dreaming About Tomorrow” and we can all reminisce as we’re about to relive it all for the next 8 years. Perhaps Chelsea will be ready for a Presidential run at the end of Hillary’s reign.

Somehow I don’t think they’ll have Graham and the boys playing this one. I love this song. I love you, Graham! Live long, man!

Please stop… please stop… please stop thinking about tomorrow and try thinking about the fucking present… Ready to throw up? Check this one out…. hold it in right up until minute 3:13 and then let it blow:

then chill out and dig this tribute to Bill and Hill’s prison industrial complex, nafta, financial deregulation leading to 08 crash, and turning the country over to their benefactors at goldman sachs and on and on and on… the Evens from my old birthplace and stomping grounds, Washington DC:

oh… and farewell, sweet prince. i hardly knew ye:

go ahead prince! show those old burned out white honkies how to play a guitar:

being a burned out old honky myself i have to confess that these days, the concert below is the kind of concert i’d far prefer attending than iggy’s 85 dollar a ticket blowout 2016 retirement tour. i liked seeing him at the nightclub on state st. in madison, WI above the pizza shop or whatever was below it…. that band with the sales kids cooked and iggy had his energy on high … is that joan crawford on the wall you golden days of hollywood fans out in france land?:

man, am i glad i left the art world. i hated that place. i hate fucking art.

never heard of the guys below  before but between the two of them they know more about contemporary art than the entire assembly of New York Art Critics.

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