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Rupert is On The CASE!

Whoah Nelly! For a while there I thought I was hallucinating! But Rupert is on the CASE! The mental cases at the WSJ have reported that Deutsche Bank is at a 30-Year Low after Fed, IMF rebuke! Wow! The Fed … Continue reading

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Fascinating Rhythm

You see what I told you, Keith? Turner wasn’t just some nature painting escapist. He was all about reality. Perfect image for Brexit days, I think. And wither goest Boris? I find Brit politics impossible to follow. They seem even more senseless … Continue reading

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Lehman Moment

Anybody know what a Lehman Moment is? Right… Ha ha. Anyway, a few days before the Lehman Moment of 2008, I was in a typical argument on Natural Pigments forum with some of the smartest painters in the world, all learning … Continue reading

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What’s Up?

What’s up must come down right? Rule of nature. Rule of the market. Well, we’re flying high, kiddos! Whoopie! Hmm…. OK… Let’s get serious here. Well.. not enough time before getting the chiropractic treatments I need relieve my chronic back pain. This art … Continue reading

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Sickness Unto Death

  “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti “Despair is the Sickness Unto Death: Despair is a Sickness of the Spirit, of the Self, and Accordingly Can Take Three Forms: … Continue reading

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The Party’s Over

Brexit is a seismic event that contemporary artists are completely oblivious to. They don’t understand any of the implications of what is going on now. They have no notion that fascism is coming because the working class has been entirely … Continue reading

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The Empire is Falling!

So long, Great Britain. As of my reading this morning the pound is down by over 11 percent and some experts say that it could ultimately fall to almost par with the dollar. Cheap vacations to see the Turners, Blakes … Continue reading

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