Farewell My Lovely Friend

shepIt’s with great sadness that I announce the passing of  my dear friend, Lester Shepherd. He’d been battling dementia for the past months and was ailing badly. I can’t put into words all the love and admiration I had for this great man whose individuality, honesty, and courage were for me a beacon in a dark sea.

Shep spoke often about his happiness to have a couple true friends, and a loving wife and family.  My heart goes out to them for their loss and all are in my prayers. Shep helped provide the backbone of my blog writing as he sent me links and we discussed the state of affairs regularly, sharing out thoughts as well as our outrage at not just the conditions of the country but about our disappointment that so few “good men” are willing to oppose or speak out against this descent into madness. So the ride down will be much lonelier in his absence. But I know I can always imagine Shep’s laughter as I crack another joke about what a misbegotten species we’ve turned into.

So long, Shep, you old son of a gun. Down there in parts of the South that you loved so much I believe they still play some rowdy music to celebrate the graduation from the earthly plane to the realm of spirit. But I thought on our blog we might take a look at a few videos of a guy we both got a kick out of for his no-nonsense view of our cultural demise.

Wherever you are now, a little bit of your big and generous spirit will always be resident on our little quixotic blog.


Also, Shep, I know you’d appreciate me throwing in some John Pilger. No worries, mate!:

And sure, why not a little music. A number from one of the great new groups of young folks from your native state, Alabama Shakes:



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