The Empire is Falling!

So long, Great Britain. As of my reading this morning the pound is down by over 11 percent and some experts say that it could ultimately fall to almost par with the dollar. Cheap vacations to see the Turners, Blakes and Constables you art lovers. Although given current art tastes I can’t imagine that kind of junk would be on the itinerary. All the action is at Tate Modern. Mod Madness at steep discount. Who can resist. The French will no doubt be queuing up for a ride through the chunnel to see these spanking new notables now on offer at the Tate in the video below. Not to mention the established historical greats like Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin , David Shrigley and the Chapman Brothers. The talent that Britain has showered on the world is simply stunning. And this vimeo indicates that there’s even more unbelievably fresh work, the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

Have a peek.

Perhaps if we could get a facebook campaign started and get enough likes collected they’ll reprise Ai Wei Wei porcelain sunflower seeds and all the other exciting stuff  from the past that the Neoliberal Financial Wizards have canonized with their vast millions.

Sad to see so many of those millions evaporate overnight in a blaze of voter furor. Who knew the disenfranchised were this pissed off? Certainly not Debonair Dave Cameron.

Oh well, perhaps a few of you will laugh along with Crazy Bart, if only you had any idea what I was laughing at. I guess. I mean when it comes to art people who the fuck knows what any of them think. Not me. And if they actually think anything, they’ve certainly decided they’re not going to share it with me in the comment section or otherwise.

So I’ll just babble along with the rest of the mad crew located in my head. It’s nice to talk to myself. Quite enjoyable. You mean to say that only Abbas, William and I are totally loco? We’re the only ones that think the entire art world is not really playing with a full deck? That Miranda July and Lena Dunham are a few cans short of a sixpack? That none of David Shrigley’s art or Keith Harings work is really worth looking at for any more time than one would look at the Hallmark card someone sent you for your birthday if you just turned twelve years old?

OK. Have it your way. I’ll try to play along. Keep a straight face. Stiff upper lip. Cheerio.

Yes, the fallout could well destabilize the entire world. Who knows? Certainly not the New World Order morons who are running everything.

Oh, in my dazed state, I’ve forgotten to put up a picture. What will do? So much greatness to choose from. How about Miranda July, hailed as a genius by no less than the the paper that defines genius for us all here at the apex of Western Civilization, The New York Review of Books. A Renaissance woman, if there ever was one. Actor, comedienne, performance artist, brilliant novelist, video artist… the list goes on forever. If there’s one things that American writers of genius know, it’s what is great art. So enjoy. So  offbeat. So wacky. So much nowness in one video. Both riveting and illuminating. If only Miranda and Lena (who has told us to vote Hillary) and Barbara Kruger could get together and explain what the fallout from Brexit will be. Assuming they’re even aware that it happened. :

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2 Responses to The Empire is Falling!

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    Never saw whatever everyone sees in Keith Haring.

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