The Party’s Over

Brexit is a seismic event that contemporary artists are completely oblivious to. They don’t understand any of the implications of what is going on now. They have no notion that fascism is coming because the working class has been entirely disenfranchised by Neoliberalism. The affluent are totally depraved, as is verified by the art that they buy and fill contemporary museums with. The artists themselves likewise. I hear not a word of objection to the work below from artists who have no more to say in their work than these artists. Neither the “traditionalists” nor these “avant-gardists” are making work that is remotely connected to the reality we live in. This has been the tendency of Modernism since the American hijacking of it in 1945. Art that totally divorces itself from social reality has no future. As the Neoliberal facade continues to deteriorate this will become more and more apparent.

What we are witnessing in Britain has rightly been called the third biggest catastrophe to hit the country following WWI and WWII. And artists, at least all the ones I’m aware of, and that’s hundreds upon hundreds of them aren’t remotely aware of what is happening. They’re too busy making “art”. Too busy to notice what is going on outside their self-enclosed and sterile art museum containers. The “sculpture” below that resides in the Berlin Biennale says it all :

butt art


crap 10


crap 9


crap 8



crap 6


crap 5



crap 3



crap 2

The above are the total nitwits who curated all of this “art” I’ve posted that is now at the Berlin Biennale and that is uniform and ubiquitous throughout the entire contemporary art world. It’s total junk and it’s simply a repetition of the same work content-wise (nihilistic anti-art) that was done back in the 1970s with newer technologies. Artists do not want to hear this message, which is the truth, because it eradicates the belief system that underlies their identities. They pretend that nothing is happening and cling to some notion that they are teaching some kind of “tradition” by doing Old Master type hodge-podges where there is flawless technique but the works have no more human content than does the flawless technique of photo-realism. Conceptual art was vacant from the start. Art is not an illustrated idea. Art has nothing whatsoever to do with the works in this Biennale which are only elaborations of Post-War American art that has been  sanctified by New York art critics from that time until the present.

The wheels have entirely come off the bus.

Everyone denouncing it now as vacant and sterile, as it’s denounced in the article I pulled the images from , are denouncing the original work that it imitates and embodies as well. the article is titled “A Vast Obsolescent Pageant of Irrelevance.” That is an accurate description of the March of  American Art from  the 1950s onward. And the rest of the world does nothing but imitate American Art. It’s homogenous Global Neoliberal Art, as characterless and void of intelligence of the curators pictured above. As void of  intelligence as the writer denouncing the Berlin Biennale The Zombie Parade. The only content of 99 percent of all “art” being made today is to update a Modern art “style” or to retreat to some kind of nostalgia for a vanished past. A past that our technological juggernaut has thoroughly eradicated.

What do you find in any contemporary art in these various art fairs that is remotely related to the realities coming on like a tidal wave that Britain’s secession from Europe presages? Artists who sit back and say nothing as this thorough desecration of our museums are just as implicated in the destruction as those who are implementing it.

crap 1

What does one find in any of these Hyperallergic Art posts that has the least bit of relevance to current reality, other than to harangue on with chiding political correct statements that nobody whatsoever is listening to except those in the incestuous Art Bubble as they babble on about their goodness and moral uprightness, which none of them possess. If they possessed any they’d have something to say about the thorough financial corruption that has turned art into meaningless mush.

How much more stupid can it get than this:

How To Use Your New Art Degree

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